Fortnite – Hidden I Location (Chapter 2 / Season 1)

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Hidden I Location

Once you have completed eight Road Trip challenges, you’ll unlock the Fortnite Road Trip Loading Screen, where you’ll be able to find the hidden ‘I’ location. As you can see on the map below, the Fortnite ‘I’ location can be found in the barn at Frenzy Farm.

You can see the exact location of the hidden letter at Frenzy Farm in the map below.

Follow these four steps to find the Fortnite hidden ‘I’ location:

  • Queue a game and head to Frenzy Farm.
  • Land at the barn in the northeast corner of the farm.
  • Head inside the barn and make your way to the third floor.
  • Follow the catwalk to the bottom left corner of the barn, close to the pulley holding a chest, and you’ll find the hidden ‘I’ location.

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