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Prototype - How to Avoid the Military Post-Story (Tips List)

Written by The Blacklight Knight   /   Nov 2, 2019    

Ok so anyone who completed the game knows its complete chaos when u beat the game. In order to keep the military off your back and let you use your powers to kick zombies here is some tips.


  • Keep an eye on your radar.
  • Keep out of site as much as possible.
  • Should tanks be in the area cut across low buildings or allie ways.
  • Don't go to high in the buildings or Gunships will spawn overhead.
  • Should you get spotted and not want to fight just use sprint to out pase the tanks till your map is clear (keep in mind this only works if there's not a red alert) if you're spotted with your powers active gunships will close in and prevent you from out runing them.
  • You should use these all at the same time. Should you be attacked by the military All surrounding tanks and gunships will swarm like an angry bee hive.
  • Quickly dispatch them with your blade arm and shape shift. Wait for the alert to cool down. Go to a quite redzone area and resume the process. And kill zombies till you're hearts content.
  • If you keep in your hostile form the military will not stop attacking and given how many tanks are in a area. U may have sevrul strike teams called on you beffor you're finished.

Example Pictures

These pictures will tell u what i meen. Look at the radar in one there are tanks then in the other im taking ally way then there are none. Simple form of showing what i meen but effective enuph.

Game:   Prototype