GTFO – Survival Guide (for All Alarm Events)

This guide complains you how to survive during the alarm events.


All credit goes to Aiacos!

In this guide, you will be given suggestions and tips for surviving the alarm events.

Recommended Tools

Sentry Gun

Mine Deployer

Recommended Consumables

C-Foam Grenade

Tool Refill Pack

Ammunition Pack

Medical Pack

Because of the randomly-generated placement of consumable pickups, we do not always get the ideal mix of items we need or want. But it is best to make do with what we are able to scavenge. The above consumables are highly recommended for their necessity and/or usage.

Preparing for the Alarm

Once you have acquired the key for one of the alarm doors, you will want to prepare for it by setting up in the room where the door is located.

If you have found any C-Foam Grenades, now is the time to use them!

Close all the doors, and use a C-Foam Grenade on every door that leads to the room (other than the alarm door).

If you do not have enough C-Foam Grenades to reinforce every door in the room, then reinforce the ones that are closest to the alarm door or wherever you wish to set up.

Next, set up your mines!

Using the Mine Deployer, place a mine at every doorframe, as close to the floor as possible.

This is because some of the enemies will crawl, and if your mines are placed too high, the crawling enemies will not set them off.

Lastly, set up your Sentry Guns!

Have your Sentry Guns facing the doorways, for when the enemies inevitably break down the doors.

Alternatively, if you are planning to hold out in one location after disarming the alarm, place the Sentry Guns facing outwards from your planned campsite.

Disarm the Alarm!

Now comes the part where you need to coordinate with your team to disarm the alarm as quickly as possible!

When you initiate the security scan at the alarm door, your entire team must stand in the scan area for it to progress.

Afterwards, a moving white line will travel along the floor, and you and your team must follow the white line.

This white line will form more security scan areas that you and your teammates need to stand in. For the smaller scan areas, it only requires one player to stand in it. The big ones are the ones that require the team.

Try to communicate with your team so you know who goes where, which will allow you to disarm the alarm faster.

Throughout the ordeal, the enemies will be breaking down the doors, and chances are they will get in before you are done with the scans.

This is why your C-Foam, mines and sentry guns are important, they will buy you some time and delay the enemies from getting into the room. The mines and sentry guns will also take down some of the smaller enemies, giving you more breathing room.

Once you have disarmed the alarm, find a defensible location and hold out with your team.

Remember to communicate!

If someone on your team is out of ammo, and another teammate has an Ammunition Pack, the one with the Ammunition Pack can refill their ammo!

Take down the smaller enemies first, as they have less health and you need to prevent them from swarming you.

The Big Strikers move very slowly, and it is easier to dodge their ranged attacks. Leave them for last, and when you do take them on, focus fire on their big bellies!

Take note! The Big Strikers can survive decapitation, so even if you shoot off his head, if he is still walking towards you, he is still a threat!

When all the enemies have been accounted for, then congratulations, you have survived one of the harder parts of the alpha!

There are currently two alarm events in the alpha test map, so stock up on your equipment, and always be prepared.

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