Destiny 2 – How to Destroy the Lost Memory Inside Rasputin (If the Door Don’t Open)

This video complains the way to destroy the lost memory inside of Rasputin.


As you know, the rasputin door is bugged, and if you want to destroy all the last memories and you forgot to destroy the one with is inside of Rasputin you might not be able to get the Sparrow, so I found a way to get in, in this video I saw you how to get inside.



This video is meant to help people and not to break the game in any form.

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  1. I’ve completed Mars, the door just doesn’t work.
    btw if you don’t kill all enemies the lights in the door dont turn blue

  2. doors not bugged if you complete warmind, theres also a warmind stage where you go in there for a short time before the scene, this is an amazing find though

  3. i havent come across it bugged out and locked it should just open when you kill all enemies from the bottom floor and up

  4. It really helped, thanks for sharing this exploit. I do not know if it is possible to do this as safely as possible, but I will try.

  5. Thank you, kind stranger, this saved me! But I’m still sad that I can’t get to Rasputin Mindlab, it was so beatiful

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