The Escapists 2 – Tips and Tricks

This guide includes tips and tricks for easiest gaming The Escapists 2.

Contraband Warehouses

Ever seen my artwork titled Contraband Warehouse in a Nutshell? A Contraband Warehouse is a unique name for a room never visited by guards storing tons of your own contraband you’re saving on the floor. Some can be set up in multiplayer rooms, underground, or in storage rooms guards tend to never visit, such as a few in Center Perks 2.0, the mines in Rattlesnake Springs, or the Last Post escape area in Center Perks 2.0.

The Lazy Solo Escape

Ever tried doing a singleplayer escape, but can’t do it unaided by others? Well, I did a couple times: Once in HMP Offshore, and once in Fort Tundra. To do the Lazy Solo Escape, bring someone onto your game to prepare you for the solo escape then leave after you reach the escape point. This is a lazier way to do singleplayer escapes.

Surrender To Get Out There

You know that pressing F4 twice makes you surrender and get sent to solitary, right? It is also possible in transport prisons, and still gets you sent there, except you will only be in solitary confinement for like, about ten freakin’ seconds. This is a way to cheat a series of obstacles, except in Cougar Creek Railroad, where the solitary train car is located just east of the prisoner cells train car.

Showing Up… Then Leaving

Are you sick of having to do things during routines besides jobs?

Unlike the first game, if you attend a routine then leave the area, you won’t earn heat when caught outside the routine area. The easiest way to tell if you’ve done this obvious trick is to see if there’s a check mark next to the routine’s name.

Careers Provide Materials

Like in the first game, jobs can provide crafting resources or other perks. It’s possible to earn timber and metal sheets from two job rooms: Timber is found in the woodworking room, while the blacksmith’s room contains metal sheets. Be careful, as some of them will contain contraband detectors.

The Tile Tagging System

It’s possible to mark certain tiles on the map by pressing the T key while standing on them. The tag color will pair with your player number. 1: Red. 2: Blue. 3: Green. 4: Yellow.

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