Dungeons 3 – Golden Pickaxe Locations

Reference guide for golden pickaxe locations.


So I figured it might be useful to compile the Golden Pickaxe locations here, in order to save time faffing about without external guides.

Whilst the Pickaxes always appear on particular maps, the actual location is RANDOM. Some guides I’ve seen suggest searching the outer edges, but I can say from experience the location really is quite random. You may get lucky, or you may need to dig out every block of earth until you find it. So it’s good to know which maps you’ll need to spend your time on.

The List

  • Main Campaign: “Everything has an end…”.
  • Once Upon A Time DLC: “Fog and Sheep”.
  • Evil of the Caribbean DLC: “Greetings from R’Lyeh”.
  • Lord of the Kings DLC: “The Fellowship”.
  • Clash of Gods DLC: “At the Foot of Godsmount”.
  • An Unexpected DLC: “The Forest Queen”.
  • Famous Last Words: “Show Us What You’re Made Of”.

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