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Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash - Pro Sniper Guide (Full Course)

Written by DJLoliballVEVO Official   /   Nov 5, 2019    

So you wanna snipe the tiddy ninjas, huh? Come here, buddy, let's learn about this godly weapon.


I've been playing PBS since the JP release on PS4 on march 2017 and one of the top players on NA PBS on ps4 with probably over 4000 matches played across all plataforms and here's a small guide for Sniper Rifle. The sniper is a great weapon in the hands of people who know how to use it. To use it at its full potential you must master the mechanics of moviment, jump, shots and the cards you're going to use. So let's start with the mechanics.

Important Combat Tips + Vids

This part not only helps with the sniping but helps you get better in general, so its a win-win guide.

Always jump after you do something.

Jumping cancels a lot of animations and help you chain melee, shots and cards.

And since you don't need to wait for an animation you can reload almost instantly after jumping.

  • Shot? Jump!
  • Melee? Jump!
  • Used a card? Jump!

Here's a demonstration of this technique in action.

Little detail: I start to hold the Reload after every shot.

  • If you get knocked down keep pressing the dash button.
  • Not dying helps your team win games.
  • And not only it helps you get up faster but helps you escape from your enemies most of the time.
  • You become an easy kill when you're on the ground so press that Dash key like your life depends on it.

Here's a demonstration of the dash thing.

Melee cancel and chain melee

This one is more advanced.

  • If you ever use your melee don't forget to jump.
  • You can cancel the animation anytime and with characters like Homura you can get a little boost after jumping.

Here's a demonstration of both techniques.

In this video you can see the difference when you jump after you melee someone and when you dont jump after.

Here's a demonstration against bots.

Roles and Decks

Ok, now that you know the main techniques let's see the player roles and great decks for each role.

You can classify a play style by the usual offence, defense, support and hybrid.

You can pretty much guess how each one of those play out in a match.

  • Offense - Focus on going head first into battles and kill as many players possible.
  • Defense - Stay in the backline and try to hold positions.
  • Support - Offer buffs to the team while providing backup fire from the backline.
  • Hybrid - A mix of those. Of course.

Let's start with my favorite: The offense build.


This deck focuses on heading straight to the enemy's face and kill the enemy using melee combos and card combos.

Ok but why these cards?

The Pets

Most newbie players always rely on debuffs and almost never in damage cards.

Pontaro's invisibility and bebe-tan removes debuffs and helps you in battle by making you invisible or making the enemy miss their shots.

Kagura pet for a great Shield, of course.

The Skill Cards

  • Ayame - Invisibilty and remove debuff. Pretty much same reason as the first 2 pets. You can also keep yourself invisible and ambush the enemies with a melee and snipe combo.
  • Yozakura + Yozakura and Naraku - For those cheeky players that loves to use shields. Those cards breaks the enemy's shield and damages them, and it staggers the enemy and you can throw in a shot at them for an easy kill
  • Yumi + Yumi and Homura - Support damage. Those are GREAT cards if you want a quick way to defend a flag or help a teammate win a gunfight. Yumi always freezes an enemy, making them stand still and give you an easy kill.
  • Minori - Heals, duh...

You can swap the Ayame card (and if you want you can take off the Minori too) for a Ryoubi card for that sweet damage per shot. Insta-kill on every enemy.

Pros - Pretty much a killing machine. The Kagura shield, Stealth cards and Heal will give you enough chances to survive and If you use the techniques i showed before you will pretty much be the MVP of the match.

Cons - Getting chased by pistols and shotgun can be your doom sometimes, but if you apply those techniques you should be fine most of the time.


This deck will focus on holding points and defending fallen friends from enemies.

The Pets

  • Hanzo - Heal overtime for sticky situations.
  • Kagura - Shields lmao.
  • Bebe-tan - Accuracy down on enemies.

The Skill Cards

  • Yumis - Freeze Enemies and stop them from scoring.
  • Yozakura + Naraku - Stopping an enemy while making a shield around your fallen friend, flag or point.
  • Miyabi - Black hole. You can use it to pull enemies from the objectives while damaging them.
  • Minori - You guessed it. Heals.
  • Ryoki - Shields lmao.

You can replace one Yumi for another shield, either Naraku or Ryouki or a team heal for team survivability.

Pros - It stops enemies from scoring against you like 90% of the time. Shields from the Ryoki, Kagura and yoza naraku card will keep you safe from pretty much any damage if you keep in the backlines and if used in the correct places and at the right time you won't let your enemies score across every modes in PVP

Cons - Players with at least 2 Yozakuras and a yumi card will stop you. Deck works better if a teammate has a similar deck.


Be your team's favorite player AND the enemy worse nightmare.

Use buffs to make your friends happy and debuffs to make your enemies rage.

The Pets

  • Hanzo - Heal overtime for sticky situations.
  • Kagura - Shields lmao.
  • Bebe-tan - Accuracy down on enemies.

The Skill Cards

  • Ryouna - Your enemies don't need damage right?
  • Murakumo - They don't need to reload too, right?
  • Rin - Slow enemies are easier to kill.
  • Ryoubi - Ok, you and your team needs damage.

You can replace the Rin card for another Murakumo or some kind of team heal.

Pros - Enemies wont do damage and your team will. Enemies won't reload but your team will.

Cons - If the other team has a similar deck then you're pretty much useless

Here are some example of Hybrid decks if you're feeling confident.

DMG Support + Offense

Consider both types pros and cons.

Stealth Offense

If enemy has a support deck you will have tough times

Stealth Defense


Ok now here's what makes you a good sniper.

Combos are the heart and soul of the sniper rifle. If you know how to use those then your victory is certain.

The usual sniper combos are:

Melee + Shot

  • Melee an enemy and he will fall to the ground or hit a wall and Shoot for the kill.

Yozakura card + Shot

  • Use Yozakura Card (The enemy will be 50% stagger depending on the yozakura you use) breaking the shield and shoot while the enemy is staggered.

Yumi Card + Shot

  • Use yumi card and freeze the enemy and shoot for an easy kill.

Switch to Autoaim and shoot -> switch to Firepower and shoot.

This one is pretty hard to get right but damn it feels good when you do it.

Have your alternative shot (Autoaim, the one with a bigass crosshair) ready and shoot an enemy. Quickly jump reload and switch to the firepower shot and kill the enemy.

Here's a video showing all combos.


PBS looks pretty simple but you must know a fair amount of secrets to master it and become a skilled player. Don't let ranks scare you and if you keep playing against skiller player you one day might surpass them.

I know the multisplash is dead thanks to the release bugs and other stuff but it still a good game and really fun to play.