Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades – How to Craft the Ultimate Banger (RCAD)

This is step-by-step guide to creating your very own official Room Clearing Assistance Device (RCAD).


If you’re clicked on this guide, it must mean you want to learn how to craft the RCAD, the ultimate banger for all your incendiary, suppression, and anti-personnel needs. Just follow the 3 easy steps and soon you too can melt your graphics card!

Step 1: Gathering Materials

First of all, you’re gonna need lots of stuff that goes bang to craft this banger. Clear a table and start piling up this stuff:

  • 1 Bucket.
  • 1 Radio (With radio detonation you can set off any number of explosives at once and at any time, but you can use a timer if you like sprinting away from certain death. I would not recommend proximity detonation as it could be set of prematurely. Unless you’re planning on blowing up too, don’t use impact detonation).
  • 1 Pocket 1906.
  • 1 Nagant Suppressor.
  • 1 Gamepoint Magnifier.
  • 1 Laser.
  • 1 Tiny Rail Adapter.
  • 1 SureGlow Flashlight.
  • 1 Molotov Cocktail (Spawnlock these as you will probably break a few).
  • 1 No. 69 Impact Grenade.
  • 1 M84 Stun Grenade.
  • 2 Giant Kolibri Magazines (One with Inferno rounds and one with Triflash rounds).
  • 2 .45 ACP Oversize MIRV Rounds.

Once you have all this it’s time for the next step!

Step 2: Shoving Way Too Much Stuff Inside Of A Tiny Box

Now this might take some skill. You have to fill your bucket with everything except your Molotov and two Kolibri mags, and it can’t stick out of the top too much. Try putting the Radio in first, then all the attachments, then the gun, then the grenades, and finish it off with the MIRV rounds.

Once that is done you have to carefully put the bucket in the box. Make sure that the bucket is all the way against one of the back corners, but don’t force it or the whole thing will fly across the room. Next, carefully place one Kolibri mag against the bucket so that the other can fit on top of it in such a way that the door can be shut without them falling out. Finally, place the Molotov carefully in the remaining space.

Step 3: Craft Your Banger

It is now time to shut the door and press the big green button to hear a very satisfying “DING” as you look on in amazement and wonder at your shiny new RCAD. Another job well done.

Things To Do with Your RCAD

Try setting up a game! Start a match in the Proving Grounds arena and fight your way to the base at the far end. Then, set up the RCAD, retreat to your base, and detonate it.

Here are some other fun things you can try:

  • See how far you can throw it.
  • Stick it to the ceiling.
  • Stick it to sosigs.
  • Craft a bunch and see how many you can set off at once before your game crashes.
  • Mess around with the recipe.
  • Shoot at it.
  • Watch and laugh as flaming sosig bits soar through the air.

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