Death Stranding – Order 30: Old Component Delivery Junk Dealer (Walkthrough)

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Order 30: How to Get to the Junk Dealer

Now that you’ve connected the Timefall Farm, you’ll have to make your way back north to the Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City for your next Order. Make sure to take a look at what Standard orders may be dropped off along the way! Don’t waste a trip. Once you arrive at the Distro Center, you’ll be tasked with heading East, connecting a Junk Dealer, who you’ll come to find is far more problematic to get on your side than any Prepper thus far.

Recommended Items:

  • Bridges Boots (Lv.2) – Now that you’ve got access to the better version of the Bridges boots, start carrying a pair of these at all times instead of the Lv.1 version.
  • Bola Gun x1 – There’ll be some MULES you may need to deal with, but more likely, you can just skirt around them.
  • Power Skeleton – Always have the power skeleton handy in case you need it, though none of your packages this time around are that heavy.
  • Reverse Trike – You can get all the way to the Junk Dealer on a bike, so why not take advantage?

Recommended Path for Order 30:

We recommend grabbing Order 30 and Order 31 simultaneously from the Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City, as both destinations are to the east and neither package weighs much.

Grab Order 30 from the Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City, along with a Reverse Trike to get to your next locale. Grab whatever other gear you’ll think to need, as you won’t be coming back this way right away.

You’ll be heading mostly east. There should be a bridge nearby to cross the first ravine, but then you’ll hit a patch of other canyons that won’t allow a straight line to your destination. Instead, bike (or trike). all the way around the north side of the canyon, following the line of the Chiral Network boundary.

Once on the eastern side of the canyon (and the MULE camp found there) head south.

If you see a MULE try to ping you, now is a great time to test out your Scanner Nullification. Quick as you can hit R1 when you see that expanding Orange Ring, you should see a notification pop up letting you know you nullified it.

Continue heading to your destination, passing between two hills and ride up a third to find yourself at the Junk Dealer’s abode. After delivering the requested materials, you’ll see a strange hologram of a girl. The Junk Trader believes her to be dead at the hands of Bridges and Fragile Express, and won’t join you…yet. He will give you a job though to go retrieve something from a highly BT infested area….yay?

Make sure to head north and finish Order 31 before doubling back and taking on Order 32 that he gives you.

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