Death Stranding – Order 29: Construction Safe House (Walkthrough)

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Order 29: How to Build a Safe House

Before you continue further south, with your next destination being the Timefall Farmers on the far southern end of the map, first there’s a tutorial mission on constructing Safe Houses you can complete directly south of the Weather Station.

Recommended Items:

  • Floating Carrier x2 – The materials you’ll be given to carry for this Safe House will be far too much to carry in one trip, Floating Carriers are the only way to do it in one go.
  • Power Skeleton – Even with the Carriers, the leftovers are heavy, better use a Power Skeleton to help out.
  • PCC Lv.2 x1 – Construction of Safe Houses require a Lv.2 PCC.

Recommended Path for Order 29:

You’ll be heading just south of the Weather Station for this introduction to safe houses. Make sure to craft a few Floating Carriers and load them up with all the required materials, as otherwise you’ll be making multiple trips.

Make your way south to the designate area, then select your Lv.2 PCC from your quick menu. Press down on the d pad to select the safe house and deploy it using L2 and R2. Once the initial construction is finished, you’ll interact with it just like you did with the Auto Paver. Go up to it and press options, where you’ll be able to deposit your materials given to you for this Safe House.

Keep in mind that you may need to venture back into Timefall and collect some Chiral Crystals if you haven’t been gathering them as you go. Safe Houses are basically a way to create a private room anywhere in the world. They’re especially useful for you and other players when laid down outside a facility that doesn’t have a Private Room like many of the locations such as the Weather Station.

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