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How to Use the Floating Carrier, How to Ride the Floating Carrier, How to Upgrade the Floating Carrier

Like many of the items found within Death Stranding, the Floating Carrier is a great addition that makes traversal of the world with your endless amount of packages that much easier.

How to Get the Floating Carrier

To get the Floating Carrier, you’ll need to have completed the main story up through Order for Sam Number 26. The following order, Order for Sam Number 27, will have you delivering a device to a Weather Station Southwest of the Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City. This will unlock the ability to see weather patterns, along with the PCC plan to build Timefall Shelters, and most importantly for this guide, the ability to build the Floating Carrier.

After completing this mission the Floating Carrier will be available to craft at any UCA facility with the Fabricate Equipment Option.

How to Use the Floating Carrier

Once you’ve crafted one, using it is a bit tricky as well. When you fabricate it, it will load onto your back like anything else you build in Death Stranding. To use it, go into your cargo, and offload it onto the ground. Or alternatively, use your right d-pad button and use the quick menu to drop it.

Either one of these options will take it off your back. Then, attach it to your suit with square. Once you do this, you’ll have a strand that ties to the carrier and it will raise off the ground. This strand will allow you to load cargo onto the carrier to carry behind you, but it’s not magic. Stray too far away into somewhere it can’t follow you, like extremely rocky terrain, and it will break and you’ll have to double back and reattach it.

From here, you have two options. The first is the most important and the one you’ll be using the most often, which is to carry cargo as intended. Once the carrier is attached to your suit, hold down square and select which items you wish to transfer into the carrier to lighten your load. Easy enough.

The second option is a bit more hectic and fun…

How to Ride the Floating Carrier

If you’re floating carrier is empty, but still connected to your suit, you have the option of riding it. This makes it somewhat of a skateboard, where you push forward by repeatedly pressing square. However, this is by no means a good mode of transportation. You rarely have the power to go up steep hills, and even flat land seems a bit hard to push through. Where it really comes into use is on moderately steep hills downward. You can hop on a carrier and make the trip down that much quicker.

A word of caution though, hit a large rock and you’ll be sent flying, along with any cargo that is not securely strapped down. With this said, we almost always recommend using the Floating Carrier as well…. a carrier.

How to Upgrade the Floating Carrier

Like many items within the game, the Floating Carrier can also be upgraded. To do so, you’ll need to strengthen your relationship with the very place you got the item, the Weather Station. Complete standard orders going to the Weather Station to further your relationship to Level 3, upon which the Floating Carrier will be upgraded to Level 2.

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