Civilization VI – Persia and Macedon Civilization DLC Achievements

The fourth DLC includes two news civs, one new scenario and another achievement for Scythia.

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DLC Achievements

King of the Four Corners of the World

Win a regular game as Cyrus

Persia can change its playstyle during the game: at the beginning, you are in good position for a domination victory thanks to the UU and Cyrus UA. In the mid-late game, however, you can lean towards a culture victory thanks to the Pairidaeza and trade routes bonus.

Some Wine For Your Soldiers?

Playing as Persia, conquer the original Scythian capital within 10 turns of declaring a surprise war on Scythia

Play on a duel map against Tomyris and find the position of the Scythian capital: you need to plan your attack carefully since you have a time window of only 10 turns for this. Build a strong army with melee and ranged units and some anti-cavalry to counter Scythia UA and UU. Move your forces as close as possible to the capital before declaring war and ignore the enemy troops if possible. Again, if you don’t want to lose too much time on this play a Hotseat game.

I Quenched Your Thirst For Blood

Playing as Scythia, recapture one of your founded cities from Persia

The biggest problem here is the stupidity of the AI, especially when it attacks the cities. Play on a duel map and settle a city close to Persia, then declare war: wait until Cyrus captures the city and then take it back. If this is too frustrating, you can always use a Hotseat game.

Envoy Convoy

After building the Apadana wonder, construct 7 additional wonders in the same city

To build the Apadana wonder you need the political philosophy civic: I suggest to use China for this thanks to theancient and classical era wonders construction bonus. You probably want to pursue this together with the Seven Wonders of the Post-Apocalyptic World.

Never Lost a Battle

Win a regular game as Alexander

Macedon is a pure domination victory civ: lower war weariness means that you can keep attacking your enemies and gain more rewards from their defeat.

Rush encampment districts and Basilikoi Paides to receive science and stay up head of your opponents while building a strong army to bring them down.

Greatest Is As Greatest Does

Playing as Macedon, conquer a city containing both the Great Library and Great Lighthouse wonders

Get this in a regular game is difficult since you need both wonders in the same city but you can always use a Hotseat game. Use China as a second player on duel map to rush the construction of the great library (recorded history civic) and the great lighthouse (celestial navigation tech) then declare war with Alexander and conquer the city.

No More Worlds To Conquer

Win Conquests of Alexander on any difficulty

This is a 60 turns (on settler) pure military scenario: as Alexander, you need to conquer every single city on the map (28 in total!) before the time runs out. The first part is pretty straightforward: attack the Persian cities in Anatolia one after another with your troops while you improve your capital and produce more units. Feel free to ignore Athens: it is not worth to waste time at the beginning of the game (unless you are after Resplendent Panoply achiev); you can create a new army from your capital and eliminate it later when your main frontline will be far away.

Once you reach Mesopotamia assemble a new army and conquer the cities on the Mediterranean coast and Egypt while your main force keeps going toward east. Your main army will be eventually split in two after you conquer Babylon: you need to aim to Marakanda and Patala as your last targets at the same time while defeating the remaining Persian cities on the way. Be aware: Patala is going to be a real pain thanks to its Varu so attack it in force. Make good use of the ability to heal your units when you conquer a city with a wonder: be very aggressive, put a great general next to every single unit, keep attacking and you will complete the scenario

He Named Them All After Himself?

Settle four cities in Conquests of Alexander on any difficulty

Found 4 new cities in the Conquests of Alexander scenario to unlock this. Feel free to raze any enemy city you conquer to make room for your settlers.

Resplendent Panoply

Possess all of the following after conquering a city in Conquests of Alexander: Hoplite, Saka Horse Archer, Maryannu Chariot Archer, Immortal, and Varu

To get this you need to conquer several cities in the Conquests of Alexander scenario:

  • Athens will give you 2 hoplites (you need one for the achievement) 
  • Memphis will give you one Maryannu chariot archer
  • Pasargadae will give you 2 immortals (again you need only one) 
  • Marakanda will give you one Saka horse archer 
  • Patala will give you a Varu 

Remember that you need to have your great general Alexander in a tile adjacent the city when you conquer it to get the units. NOTE: you need to possess all the units required for the achievement at the same time. This means that if you for example lost all the immortals/hoplites before you could get the Varu the achievement won’t unlock.

Keep your unique units in a safe place while pursuing this achievement.

You’re the Demonstrably Greatest

Achieve the highest possible rank in Conquests of Alexander at Deity difficulty

First I want to thank Cosmegos for the tip in the comments, I really could not figure out how to get this. You need to win the scenario with a score above 200 points for this achievement (NOTE: I got it not playing on deity so maybe the description is wrong or the achiev is broken). With 5 points per city this means conquer all 28 cities (5×28=140) on the map and found at least 11 new settlements (5×11=55, the last 5 points are from your capital). Follow the No More Worlds To Conquer achievement guide above for this scenario.

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