Death Stranding – How to Unlock Fast Travel

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Fast Travel Guide

In Death Stranding, your journey will span several main regions of what’s left of America, including the delivery centers of many cities, distribution centers, and waystations.

Your goal in game is to connect all these places, but the journey will be long and difficult, requiring long treks just to get from one place to the other. That doesn’t necessairly mean you can’t find ways to make getting from one point to another quicker – but fast travel has its price.

Once you arrive in Lake Knot City with Fragile in Episode 3, you’ll soon find that you can make use of her strange abilities to teleport across the country to places you have visited. However, there are certain rules you’ll need to abide by:

  • Fragile’s ability to fast travel can only be used in Private Rooms, which are only located in Knot Cities, Distribution Centers, and Safe Houses that either you or other players have created (but must be located first).
  • When using fast travel, you cannot take anything with you – any cargo or items you hold will be stored in that location’s private storage. However, things like BB, your backpack and its accessories, and your cosmetic items will come with you.

If you forget where you’ve recently fast traveled from, be sure to look on the map for locations that have a box icon in the corner – marking that cargo has been stored at that location, which you can view before deciding to fast travel over.

Depending on the distance, you may want to hold off on fast travel and instead focus on using Auto Pavers to rebuild roads between the three main Knot Cities and their waystations in the Central Region, as once restored, they make for easy traveling as you can boost along the roads in a vehicle without worrying about attacks or losing battery!

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