Death Stranding – Order 33: Hourglass Delivery: Chiral Artist (Walkthrough)

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Order 33: How to Get to the Chiral Artist’s Studio

The Junk Dealer’s Girlfriend is alive, and it’s your job to send his proof that he still lives too. Of course this is all to make sure that you can add him into the Chiral Network as you make your way South.

Recommended Items:

  • Bridges Boots (Lv.2) – Now that you’ve got access to the better version of the Bridges boots, start carrying a pair of these at all times instead of the Lv.1 version.
  • Speed Skeleton – While you now have access to the Speed Skeleton, you’ll be carrying some really fragile cargo, so if you choose to use it be extremely careful.
  • Hematic Grenade x1 – You won’t be able to use them on the way there, but they could prove useful on the way back in Order 34
  • Blood Bag x2 – This will power your Bola Gun Lv. 2 and Hematic Grenade

Recommended Path for Order 33:

In this mission you’ll be taking proof of the Junk Dealer being alive to his girlfriend at the Chiral Artist’s Studio in the form of a Fragile Chiral Hourglass. It puts you in the precarious position of having to carry something in your hands all the way to its destination.

To get to the Chiral Artist’s Studio, you’ll be crossing south over the mountain range found to the east of the Junk Dealer. Here, you’ll find Timefall along with a fair amount of BT’s to deal with, and no open hands to use weapons against them.

As you approach the mountain range and the BT’s pop up. Keep this in mind, and use the sneaking abilities you gained from the early encounters you had with BT’s to get by, watching your Odradek Scanner Arm carefully to avoid getting too close. Once over the peaks of the mountains and on the south side, eventually the Timefall will cease, and you can sprint the remaining distance with your new Speed Skeleton to the Chiral Artist’s Studio.

You’ll be able to add her to the Chiral Network, and she’ll give you the plans fro an Anti-BT Handgun as well. Pretty sweet!

More importantly though, the Girlfriend is indeed here, and wants to be taken back to her boyfriend the Junk Dealer, giving you the opportunity for your first live body transportation in Order 34.

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