Death Stranding – Order 37: Sewing Kit Delivery: Cosplayer (Walkthrough)

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Now there’s just one step left in getting to South Knot City, making a final delivery from Lake Knot City, all the way to South Knot. However, on your way north, there’s a few more orders you can take on. The last order before you need to return to Lake Knot to grab Order 38 has you going to deliver a Sewing Kit to a nearby Cosplayer.

Recommended Items for Order 36:

  • Ladder x1 – While this isn’t a necessity, one route you can take to the Cosplayer is fairly steep, making a ladder to get in/out of the canyon cave she resides in helpful.
  • Reverse Trike – You can make this mission much quicker if you hop in a Reverse Trike.

Recommended Items if continuing on to Order 36 after Order 37:

  • Bridges Boots Lv. 2 – Always carry a spare pair
  • Sticky Gun x1 – While gathering stolen Sticky Guns, why not use one to get them back.
  • Power Skeleton – Never a bad idea to have it equipped.
  • Stun Bombs x1 – If you’re spotted, it’s good to have some backup options.
  • Bola Gun x1 – See above!

Recommended Path for Order 37:

We recommend taking orders 36 and 37 simultaneously and finishing Order 37 first, then completing Order 36 as you head back north to Lake Knot City.

The path down to the Cosplayer is fairly straightforward. Make sure to snag both Orders 36 and 37 along with any items you’ll need for those orders, then head out of the Distribution Center.

Take your trike across the player made bridge to the west, and then follow the east riverbank south. Eventually you’ll come to an outcrop of rocks that no longer allows for vehicle travel. Hop off your Trike and head south but a little bit east until you come to a canyon. There’s a low incline slope into the canyon, but also steep drop off you can use your ladder for if you wish.

Either way head south down the canyon and you should find the Cosplayer in a cave dwelling.

Only it’s not just her here, but also her husband, who’s played by none other than Conan O’Brien! To show their appreciation, they give to you the Otter Hood, which allows easier traversal while in deep rivers.

Now that you’ve connected the Cosplayer, head back north into MULE territory to start Order 36.

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