Death Stranding – Order 38: Emergency Provisions Delivery: South Knot City (Walkthrough)

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Order 38: Emergency Provisions Delivery

Here’s the big one, it’s time to make a full trek from Lake Knot City to South Knot City with provisions in tow. Though once you load up your cargo, a strange man comes saying you need to deliver something to Fragile herself…. strange

Recommended Items:

  • Bridges Boots (Lv.2) – Always good to have a spare pair.
  • Power Skeleton – Good to have a Power Skeleton with all the weight you’re about to carry.
  • Long Range Reverse Trike – Load up any extra materials on your Trike, it’ll make things faster and less burdensome on you to take it as far as you can.

Recommended Path for Order 38:

So you’ve queued up order 38 and you’ve been given a strange package by a strange man (whose voice sounds familiar), and your loading screen says its a SMALL THERMONUCLEAR BOMB!? Oh boy we better get over to Fragile quick.

Diehardman mentioned that Fragile was holed up in the Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City, so head there first.

Hope on your Reverse Trike, and follow the path laid down by the Auto Pavers that you should be familiar with by now to get over to the Distribution Center. Once inside, head to your private room where you’ll get to speak with Fragile.

After a short cutscene where you realize the strange man was Higgs, giving you a bomb to take to South Knot, you’ll have to dispose of the bomb in under 20 minutes on the edge of the lake north of South Knot City. You’re going to be heading for the beach in between the Junk Dealer and the Chiral Artist’s studio.

Cross the bridge to the Southeast of the Distribution Center on your Trike, and circle around the north side of the MULE encampment. Pass the Junk Dealer and head straight south riding over the hill. Then head east along the beach to the spot where you’ll dispose of the bomb.

To throw the Nuke into the lake, go into your cargo and put it into your hand. Hold down R2 as you exit your inventory to hold the Nuke in your hand, then press Square to swing the Nuke and let go of R2 to throw it.

After you’ve thrown the Nuke, you’ll trigger a long cutscene of Fragile’s backstory with Higgs, after which you’ll be able to continue your supply run south to South Knot City.

You’re nearly there. Hop back on your Reverse Trike, and head counter clockwise around the beach until you hit the wall of South Knot City, then head west to find the entrance. Make your way to the South Knot City Distribution Center and make the delivery of all the Provisions to complete Order 38.

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