Syberia 3 – Complete Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough for Syberia 3. See also 100% Achievement Guide!

Valsembor Hospital

After talking to Kurk, try to open the door to your room. Click on the call button… doesn’t work. Scroll to the side of the call box and view the diagrams. Click on the tray of food and grab the Knife. Go back to the call box and use the Knife to unscrew the screw. Connect the green wire to the top wire insert, then press the box with the wires down. You’ll get the achievement This sure ain’t Kansas after a short cutscene.

When you exit the room, go to your left around the fountain and click door to the doctor’s station. You’ll have to take a lie detector test. Select the following options during the test:

  • Bottom option: [Answer]
  • Top option: [We Had a Falling Out]
  • Bottom option: [Tell a Half-Truth]
  • Bottom option: [They Should Be Left Alone]
  • Top option: [No]

He’ll give you the Key to Exit. You’ll get the achievement One flew over the nut-job’s nest. Walk over to the file cabinet behind the desk and get your items. Exit the office and walk to your left to the elevator in the corner of the room. Click on the elevator and use the Key to Exit on the locking mechanism. You’ll need to turn the tendrils to match up with the slots on the mechanism.

Of course, it doesn’t work. Talk to the doctor that interviewed you. Go into your inventory and look at the key. Turn it on its side and you’ll notice something is missing. Head back to your right and walk into the doctor’s office and rummage in his desk. Grab the Brochure (red pamphlet). Look through it by turning the pages until you see a copy of the key. Use the Key to Exit on the diagram.

Go back to your room and talk to Kurk. Show him the key brochure, and he’ll tell you to send it to his tribe via the messenger owl.

Walk out onto the deck from your room and click on the overlook. Click on the owl perched on top of a building. No matter how many times you yell, it won’t come. Go back and talk to Kurk. He’ll suggest finding something in the yard to attract the bird.

Go out the door and into the yard. Go into the side-room where the two men were playing chess. One of the men has fallen asleep on a bench in that room. Click on him, then click on his chest to get the Aviary key.

Walk to the aviary, and use the key on the lock. Grab the mechanical bird from the aviary.

Go back to the balcony, through your room, and click on the overlook. Click on a little metal perch and place the mechanical bird there, and click again to make the bird move. The owl will come to you.

After a cutscene, Dr. Olga will come talk to you. Choose Option 1 [Soothe], and she’ll leave you outside the room. Walk back into your room and out onto the balcony. Click on the owl to get the repaired key, then walk back into your room. Talk to Kurk, then leave your room again.

Head over to the elevator. Click on it, then use the repaired key on the lock. Walk into the elevator and click the buttons to escape. You’ll earn the Respect for Protocol achievement.

Valsembor Hospital Lobby

If you want a bit of background information, talk to the orderly in the office in the middle of the room. She’ll tell you where Dr. Zamiatine’s office is and why you can’t just leave.

Head right once you’re out of the elevator and into a small corridor off to the right. Head north towards two orderlies standing together. Turn right into an office with an open door.

After you talk with Dr. Zamiatine, go south to Dr. Olga’s office. Click on the slightly-ajar door and eavesdrop on her. After the cutscene, go into her office and click on the computer. Read all the emails, then have a short conversation with Nic Canton.

Now go click on the pulley next to the suit of armor. Click on the pulley and drag down. Click on the hilt of the sword. Click on all the little pins on the left side of the sword. Drag the top dial so that a triangle-looking thing is center. Drag the middle dial so that the long section is in the middle. Then drag the bottom dial so the tentacles are in the middle.

Notice the colors of the gems on the sword: red, green, blue, blue, red. Going left to right. Back out of the sword and click on the shield on the wall. Match the gems, left to right: red, green, blue, blue red. Hop in the elevator and click the buttons.

Underground Tunnels

Walk forward down the path. After a short cutscene, head towards the camera and pick up the empty gasoline container in the wooden box.

Head the other direction down the path and left over a bridge. Head towards the camera again and click on the barrel near the door. Click on the empty gas canister to get a full gas canister.

Head the other direction down the path again and down some steps to a small boat. Click on the boat, then use the full gas canister on the chain. View a cutscene.

Youkol Camp

Head to the right of the screen and listen to the Youkols. Continue right along the river path. Solve the dam puzzle. You’ll earn the No Time To Lose achievement.

Walk back to the Youkols and head towards the large tent. Go inside.

If you want some information about the market, go around the tent to the left and talk to the man standing next to the white squid statue.

Go around further back, and then exit out the back flap of the tent. Outside, head to the end of the road and talk to the guard. You need a stamped pass.

Go back in the tent and around the way you came until you come to another flap in the tent with a skull above it. Go in the flap and talk to the Shaman.

Exit the Shaman’s area and head around the other side of the tent and talk to a man looking at vegetables. He’ll give you his wife’s pass if you ask. You’ll need to get it stamped.

Go out the back flap of the tent and head into the cabin next to the guard. Look at the table with the stamp machine, then click on the stamp machine. Grab the stamp part and the sponge.

Exit the cabin and back down the path. Before you enter the tent, turn right and head all the way down the small path. Click on the squid on the ground, then combine the sponge with the ink to get a full sponge.

Head back inside the tent, and then click on the ladder to climb into one of the giant ostrich yurts.

Click on the wooden box right next to the ladder and grab the candles. Exit the yurt and continue along the tent to the man working the forge. Click on him. Give him the stamp part, then the candles. Voila! You have a stamp!

Head back out the tent’s back flap and into the cabin. Click on the stamp machine, then the lower part. Make sure the lever on the right side of the green column is pointed up, then pop the stamp in the green column. Crank the lever on the right side of the column down again. Crank the two levers on either side of the flat part of the machine to the sides, then insert the stamp part. Place the pass on top of the stamp part. Put the two cranks back in place to hold the stamp part down. Put the sponge soaked in ink on the little cup holder, then rotate the holder so that it is underneath the stamp. Exit once out of the stamp machine, then crank the top lever. Click into the stamp machine again, and move the cup out of the way. You should have a stamped paper! Turn the two levers on either side of the paper away, and grab it.

Uh oh. Try to negotiate with Cantin. Then explain yourself. Then trick him. Click the bottle on the green shelf, then the shelf itself. Then click the lamp on the stamp machine desk. Click the broken bottle, then the piece next to your hands to free yourself. Exit the cabin and hand your pass to the guard.


Head to your left, then all the way down the waterfront and up a set of stairs. Talk to the fisherman in the red to get the achievement The Valsembor Horror.

Go all the way back to where you started, then head right along the path. You’ll watch a cutscene with a drunken “Captain.” Board the Krystal. Head through one of the doors with red lights, and go up a set of stairs towards the back of the inside area.

Grab Captain Obo’s Logbook from the desk. Make sure to read it in your inventory. You can explore the rest of the ship if you want. It appears to be abandoned… except for Captain Obo squatting.

Exit the Krystal, and head into the town. Enter the red door on your left. Chat with the waitress.

Exit the tavern and head further down the street and turn right. Follow the path down to the city square. Talk to the woman protesting the Youkols. Make sure to check out the statue in the middle of the square. Looks super familiar, no?

Go back to where you exited the tavern and turned right, but this time turn to your left. Follow the path and head up some stairs. Enter Steiner’s workshop. Talk to him. Uh oh. He needs his medication!

Go to the side of the room with all the clocks on a wall and take the cup next to the wall of clocks.

Go around behind his desk and click on the drawers next to where Mr. Steiner is sitting. Open the middle drawer on the right column and take the paper inside. Looks like he needs to take his medication at tea time.

Exit out of the drawers and turn around to the wall behind Mr. Steiner. Click on the clock on the wall. Place the cup on the platform below the clock face. Open the glass protector of the clock face and change the time to 5:00. The clock will prepare Mr. Steiner’s tea. Pick up the tea and give it to Mr. Steiner.

Thank him for taking the prosthesis to Kurk. You’ll get the Valsemborgate achievement.

Follow him down into the cellar. Click on the cardboard box next to the stairs and grab the film reel. Walk over to Mr. Steiner and place the film reel in the projector. You’ll get the achievement The Scriptwriter’s Nightmare.

Head back upstairs. After you finish talking with Sarah and Mr. Steiner, you’ll get the achievement Steiner Family.

Head back to the tavern. Enter the tavern and click on the painting to the left and above the fireplace. Then click on Captain Obo underneath the painting. When given the option, choose Push during the dialogue. He’ll get upset. Go talk to Sarah at the bar.

Ask the bartender what advice he has for talking to the Captain. Go through the rest of the dialogue options.

Go back and talk to Captain Obo. Choose Coax, then Valsembor Needs You, then I Offer Redemption. You’ll get the achievement Martingale. Continue chatting with him and you’ll get the achievement Crime and Punishment.

Head out of the tavern and board the Krystal. Head through one of the doors with the red lights, then up the stairs and up onto the boat’s steering area. Talk to Captain Obo. Offer to help prepare the Krystal. So we need to fill the coal container.

Preparing the Krystal

Exit the Krystal. Head to the set of gray doors opposite the Krystal. Look to the left of the doors and click. Enter the code that Captain Obo gave you : 0509. The doors will open. Enter the warehouse.

Walk to your left and grab the Chute from inside the metal wire cage. Continue a few feet to your left and grab a metal bar against a wooden box. Lastly, pull the lever on the floor to switch the tracks.

Notice that you can now hit all of the green coal dispensers. Time to play “one of these sounds unlike the others!” Hit all the green dispensers and note the one that sounds different. (It’s the second to last one on your right).

Click the cart near the entrance to the warehouse and drag it to outside the second to last dispenser. Exit this view and use the chute on the green coal dispenser. Click the button on the side of the green dispenser and coal will come out.

Head down to the end of the track and enter the blue vehicle. Use the knife on the top green button. Put the button on the bottom right piece and then pull the lever to the top all the way. Kate will drive the coal outside in a short cutscene.

Board the Krystal. Click on the lever close to the entrance and crank it all the way clockwise.

Head to the side of the crane closest to the Krystal and click on the access code box. Enter in the same code as before : 0509. Climb up the ladder.

Make sure the TV view is set so you can see the warehouse, crane, and box of coal. Crank the lever on the right clockwise to turn the crane. Click the top button in the middle to grab the box. Crank the lever counterclockwise to position it above the ship. Click the left button on the TV to change the view to the Krystal and the crane. Pull the left lever to the right twice to move the crane. Push the right lever up once. Push the left lever right once more. Click the bottom button to empty the coal into the ship.

The captain will ask you to fill the water tanks. Board the Krystal and click on the water house to the right of the crank you turned to get the coal on board. Click the lever and turn it to the right to widen the opening. Drag the tube into the hole, then click the lever and turn it to the left to lock the hose in.

Exit the Krystal and climb the water tower. Pull the lever to fill the water tanks. Climb down the tower and board the Krystal again. Go back inside the boat and up to the steering area. Looks like we need to find a missing key now…

Replicate the Missing Key

Head all the way back to Steiner’s shop and explain the situation to Sarah. She’ll give you a key for the model down in the basement. Head down to the basement and click on the model. Insert the crank in the hole on the side of the model and turn it clockwise. Switch on the light on the corner of the model base. Read the plaque at the front of the ship.

Click on the right side of the ship and turn the wheel with numbers so it is pointing to 30, then let go. Then crank it to 80 and let go. Then 60 and let go. Then crank it all the way and let go. Pull the anchor, then turn the ignition key on the top of the boat and take it.

Exit out of the model ship and click on the brass-looking contraption on one of the shelves. Click on the tin box below the contraption and take the key blank. Click on the right circular panel and open it. Put in the key blank and close the panel. Back out and click on the left circular panel. Insert the miniature Krystal key and then click the switch. Close the panel and back out. Crank the handle on the right so that it is set to 200%. Click the red switch. You’ll get the achievement Time to collect your thoughts. Grab the duplicate key from the right panel.

Head back the Krystal and back to the boat’s wheel. Insert the key into the panel on the left of the wheel. You’ll get the achievement Mechanical awakening. Exit the Krystal and head all the way back to the town square where we saw that statue of Oscar.

Open the Locks

Listen to the townsfolk yell at the mayor. Go up the stairs of the Mayor’s house and talk to him once he’s done speaking. Choose the dialogue options at the top of the wheel the first and second times, then the left dialogue option. He’ll give you a key to the underwater mechanism to open the locks. You’ll get the Lobbyist achievement.

Head back to the Krystal and talk to Captain Obo at the wheel of the ship. Once you’re done, exit the Krystal and head to the shed near where you talked to the fisherman about the sea monster. Enter the shed.

Click on the hanging clothes and move everything aside to grab the orange diving suit. Grab the empty air bottles to the bottom right of the clothing. Grab the diving helmet on a small table to your left. Click on the wall-mounted mechanism to the left of the diving helmet. Click on the rusty wall mounted contraption and place the air bottles there. Pull the silver lever down on the bottles. Note that the bottles say 180 bar on the front. Exit out of this view and click on the panel with the buttons. Turn the silver knob to 180, then click the green button. Go back to the air bottles and pull each of the red handles down. Exit out of this view and head into the wooden room to get your gear on.

Watch a short cutscene. When you’re underwater, head left until you see an area you can click on. Click on the large gear on the ground, then click into the gear mechanism. Pick up the two gears on the ground. Place the large cog on the left-most post, then the other cog on the post to the right of that, and the gear assembly under those two cogs.

Exit and look down and right to pick up a square key. Now head all the way to your right until you reach another locking mechanism. Place the square key in the socket and turn it. Then open the circular door and crank the red wheel all the way. Then pull down the lever.

Head through the lock door you just opened and go around to your left. Pick up the chain, then head back to the first locking mechanism. Place the chain on the mechanism then crank the red wheel and click on the lever. You’ll get the 20,000 leagues under the sea achievement.

Rescue Kurk

Watch the cutscene. Head into the Youkols’ tent and back to the Shaman’s room to talk to her. After the cutscene, go talk to the Shaman at the front of the boat. Go to exit the Krystal and talk to Sarah and the Shaman.

Off of the Krystal, head to Steiner’s continue past Steiner’s shop and through a metal gate to a wheelbarrow. Click on the support wedge of the wheelbarrow to get two wedges. Make sure you grab the addition third “Small Wedge” on the ground.

Head up the stairs after going back through the metal gate and go left to the Funicular station. Click on the door, then scroll over and click on the window. Scroll down to see the bottom of the door, then click. Use the small wedge on the right side, then one of the bigger wedges left of it. Take the small wedge out and put it on the left side, then the other bigger wedge next to it. Finally, take the small wedge and put it on top of the big wedge on the right side. The door will fall open.

Walk in the control station and scroll left to see a fuse box. Use the knife to get it open, then push down the lever. Head to the front of the control station and click on the console. Pull down the lever to send the Funicular down to you. Exit the control station and board the Funicular.

Head into the clinic through the wooden doors, past the helicopter. Listen to the soldiers talk, then exit back out of the building. Head to the far side of the helicopter and board it. Walk to the trunk at the back and move the helmet to grab a walkie-talkie. Head back in the clinic and use it on the soldiers.

Choose the 2nd option about the American Woman. You’ll receive the achievement Colonel, are you receiving me, over.

Head to the side hallway to Dr. Zamiatine’s office. Watch a short cutscene and then ask them What’s the Plan? Exit the office and head to Dr. Olga’s office to find Kurk. Walk to her desk and click on the statuette to grab it, then click again to get the note. Read it in your inventory. Click on Kurk’s chair. Scroll to the side where his chart is and grab the paper clip. Scroll to the back and pop off the panel. Use the paperclip to stop the pendulum. Scroll to the side of his chair and click on the bottom of the syringe to empty it, the close the syringe. Click on the top and open the lid. Pour the shaman’s drink from your inventory into the syringe. Click the lever on the right side to inject Kurk.

Exit out of the view then click on the panel of the chair underneath the syringe. Open the panel and then use the statuette on the panel to break it. You’ll get the achievement The long goodbye.

Cut Through the Ice & Escape the Kraken

Talk to Obo after the cutscenes and go down the stairs to the main part of the ship. Grab the Youkol matches by one of the benches, then go downstairs to the guts of the ship. Go right and down some stairs then up a small set of stairs to the controls.

Pull the glass over the red button up. Turn the wheel so the gears are connected, then click the button. This part has to be done quickly or else the gears will stall:

Pull the lever down, then shift to third gear and very quickly to second gear. You will cut through the ice.

After the cutscenes, head to the back of the boat. Obo will save you from the kraken. Head right around the boat and grab a crowbar near a wooden barrel. Smash two lights on the right side of the boat, one on the front up the stairs, and two on the left side. The last one on the left will be stuck. Move the wooden crate to the light and go up on it. Smash the light.

Go inside and check out the bench where you picked up the matches earlier. Investigate the bench and open the metal box. Grab the flare inside.

Head to the back of the boat and use the flare on the light to distract the monster. Smash the light.

After the cutscenes, go to the bottom of the boat where you cut through the ice. Continue left to the dead end and pull the lever to stop the engine. Go talk to Obo on the right side of the ship.

Go up to the Captain’s quarters at the top of the ship and look at the right side of the bookcase. Click on the top right book on the ground twice to open it and find the vodka.

Go down to the guts of the ship and look at the work table. Take the right side of the lantern and put it on the left. Use the vodka on the fuel intake and then use the matches to light it. Give it to Captain Obo on the lifeboat.

You’ll get the achievement We need a bigger boat.

Find Out How to Tow the Krystal

Go up to the wheel of the ship and take the Key. Go back to the bow and use the Key on the radiation goggles machine on the left side where the crank is. Turn the key, then pull the lever down. The click out and scroll down the machine to the box at the bottom. Open the box and grab the Goggles. Use the Goggles on the Baranour landscape. Now exit the Krystal.

Walk to the broken bridge and view the tractor on wheels. Now walk down the bridge via the broken wood pieces and walk down the sandy beach until you get a cutscene.

Head up the ladder to the small dock and grab the lifeguard’s Telescopic Hook at the end. Now go back down the ladder and up the stairs. Enter the amusement park.

Walk left and follow the path to the area with the swings, and go counterclockwise around the swings. Turn left before you go in a door, between the squid statue and the giant bear. Follow the path all the way to the left and grab the Shank under a bench.

Go back to the entrance and go through the small door very close to where you entered the park. Pick up a Cog in one of the cardboard boxes on a desk in front of the door. Go around the perimeter of the room and go through a subsequent door.

Go right and then head back into the amusement park area rather than following the boardwalk area further right. Climb up the ladder on the right side of the ferris wheel. Place the Cog you just grabbed into the machine, then pull the lever on the right down. Climb back down the ladder.

Go back to the boardwalk and go right. Click on the cars on the track to dislodge them. Follow the tracks on the boardwalk all the way to the right until you come upon the tractor on the track. Click the back of the tractor and view a short cutscene. Click on the automaton you threw out of the tractor (rude), and grab the Small Key in its hand.

Revive an Automaton

Go back inside the factory area of the amusement park. Go to the door to the main part of the park but don’t go outside. Click on the box on the work bench against the wall. Grab the Voralberg Key. You’ll also automatically grab a Voralberg Wrench. Take a look above the workbench at the park map. Notice that there’s a note with “III” and “15 + 25?” written on the map. Exit to the main part of the amusement park.

After the cutscene, exit the amusement park. Head back the automaton on a bench on the beach. Click on the automaton’s chest, and use the key. Crank it clockwise, then pull open the chest plate.

Take out the broken heart, then replace it with Oscar’s heart. Open up the caps on the top sides of the heart, and connect the respective cables. Click on the heart. Use the Voralberg Wrench on the pin holding the cap on the heart. Hm… looks like you need ANOTHER Voralberg key.

Ride the Rollercoaster

Go back inside the amusement park. Head to your right and up some stairs. Pick up a Crumpled Note on the ground next to a cart. Click on the cart on the tracks. Scroll your mouse to the right and look at the other seat. Pick up a second Metal Shank. Now click into the dashboard of the car. Remember that note on the map we saw earlier?

Rotate the crank on the left side all the way. Click on the hole next to the 25 marker on the odometer and place the Metal Shank in the hole. Put the other Metal Shank on the 15 marker Now push the right side lever down.

When the car stops, take out the Metal Shank at the 25 marker. Next time the car stops, look to your left and get out of the car. Go down the trapdoor.

Head down the set of stairs in front of you, then go left along the subway tunnel. Go all the way down and then turn left into a subway car. Go up and take the photo album. If you want, go to the other end of the subway car and listen to the radio, then exit the car. View the cutscene. Pardon yourself when given the option, then introduce yourself. Lastly, lie and say she’s got a nice place. She’ll give you the key and you’ll get the achievement I am legend.

Head back down the subway station and up the stairs, then up through the trapdoor. Get on the cart again and take out the other Metal Shank to go back to the beginning of the ride. Exit the cart. Justify why you took the ride to the Shaman. Talk with Kurk, then exit the amusement park.

Head back to the automaton on the bench. Open his chest again, then place the Voralberg Automation Key into the heart and crank it. You’ll get the achievement XZ2000… 2.0. Chat with Oscar. Looks like he won’t help without some clothes.

Find Clothes for Oscar

Head back in the amusement park and in the door by the swing ride. Go through the partially cleared tunnel down to the subway station, and into Katerina’s subway car. After a cutscene, talk to her and give her back the key. She’ll give you the Key to Andrei’s Cabinet. Walk over to the wardrobe and open it with the key.

Oscar will meet you to dress himself. Tell him he looks perfect, then walk back through the subway tunnel up through the cleared rubble. Talk to Kurk after you go up the stairs, and you’ll get the achievement Available brainwidth.

Head to the tractor near the Krystal by going through the door to the small workshop, then out the back door. Talk to Oscar. Now we have to restore power to the park. Go back into the amusement park proper through the small workshop.

Exit the park, and head up to the Krystal’s entrance. Click in to the power cables hanging on a post. Use the Telescopic Hook at the top of the pole to pull the cables down. Ask the Youkol to help plug in the cables, then board the Krystal. Go inside one of the doors with the red lights, then go down the flight of stairs to the guts of the ship. Go to where you used a mechanism to cut through the ice, and head all the way to the right. Click on the lever to turn on the ship and get power to the park.

Tow the Krystal to Shore

Exit the Krystal. You can talk to the Youkol who hooked up the boat… oops! Then talk to the two Youkols next to him. Go talk to Oscar and tell him to Advance. After the cutscene, go to the back of the tractor and use the Voralberg Wrench on the right-most point. Turn the wrench. Then, turn the crank. Go back to Oscar and tell him to Advance.

Head over to where Oscar moved the tractor. Talk to the two Youkols standing beside it, and they’ll move the cable to the Ferris Wheel. Now go back up the Ferris Wheel ladder that you used a long time ago. Press the red button on the control panel. You’ll get the achievement The community of the ostrich.

Head down to the beach, going through the workshop and exiting the amusement park. After the cutscene, head to the back of the Krystal and click on the panel.

Clear the Tunnel

After the long cutscene, walk forward to the tunnel until another cutscene is triggered. Go back and talk to Kurk and the Shaman.

Head further back to the caravan, and take the Youkol Cloth on one of the ostriches closest to the platform. Walk to the other platform and head up the small set of stairs onto it. Go down through a longer set of stairs marked with a sign with the number 4 on it. Go through the hallway and down another set of stairs. Head left and grab the Seaweed on the floor. Head the other direction down the flooded tunnel and talk to the Youkol. He’ll give you a Root. Walk back up both sets of stairs to the main platform.

Walk to the Youkol blacksmith’s desk. Take the Lighter and Flask from the desk. Put the Root in the hole on the right side of the desk. Place the Youkol Cloth on the top of the root, then pour the Flask on top of that. Finally, use the Lighter to make a torch. Walk the torch to the tunnel with the bats.

After the cutscene, go talk to Kurk again. Next, climb up the platform opposite the blacksmith’s desk and go walk over to Oscar. He’ll volunteer to open the grates. You’ll earn the achievement I is somebody else.

Open the Grates

Head up the stairs and through the door. Walk to the statue in the center of town and watch a very short cutscene. Walk left along the side of the building with the large Russian words written on it, and walk to the end of the street, then cross the street and enter the blue bank building. Walk behind the entry desks and grab the Shears on the ground.

Exit the building and walk the the cab of the red firetruck. Enter the driver’s side. Look all the way to your right and open the glove compartment. Grab the Ignition Key inside.

Exit this view and put the Ignition Key in the mechanism to start the truck. Pull the lever down to drive the truck forward.

Once you exit the truck, walk to the back and climb the two small sets of ladders and enter the ladder cab. Rotate the bottom wheel about halfway and pull the lever all the way. Then use the top wheel to turn the cab so it is facing the building with the large Russian words and green roof. When you position it correctly, Oscar will be able to walk up the ladder when you click on it.

Click the grate, then use the Shears on the grate to clip it away.

Go back down the ladder, and down the first small ladder. Click on the fire hose contraption. Click on the front of it and take the cap off the nozzle. Click on the side of the wheel and remove the peg. Click the top of the wheel and drag the hose into the nozzle. Click the small wheel next to the nozzle and turn it all the way. Then click the top of the whole mechanism and pull the lever.

After the cutscene, go back down the small ladder and run all the way back to Kate.

After the cutscene, go talk to the Shaman. Go back to Oscar and shove the piece of Seaweed into the iodine slot, then close the slot.

After the cutscene, go back to the tunnel and to the other platform. Use the lighter on the blacksmith table.

Find the Temple

When you’re back in control of Kate, walk forward and thank the Youkol for the yurt. Next, walk left and around the fire until you come across Kurk. Talk to him and the Shaman.

Next, walk to the stadium away from the bonfire and head right until you see a metal gate that is slightly ajar. Head through the gate and walk forward and up the escalator on your right. On the top floor, head left and walk along the red carpet all the way (pass all the doors you see on one side) until you see another escalator going down. Take this escalator down, then walk down another flight of stairs, and walk forward until you see another metal gate. Head through the gate.

Walk all the way up the path lit with candles. Read the tombstones that are legible, and head over to the open grave. Read the sign. Head back past the collapsed cabin and head left to a hard-to-see path. Walk up to the maintained cabin and click on the door to trigger a cutscene.

After the cutscene, head down the cabin stairs and left into a cave with candles. Walk to the shrine and click on the greenish thing on the shrine, then grab it. You’ll get Youkol Lens 1.

Head all the way back to the bonfire and talk to Kurk. After he translates the journal, head out of the bonfire area and to the right, then instead of going through the metal gate that is ajar, go through the closed one. Head through the next gate and then go up the stairs to the stadium chair. Flip the metal hinge on the bottom of the seat down. Use the diary to solve the puzzle. Turn the icons to: Sacrifice, Pain, Death, Sacrifice, Mourning, Madness. When the chair unlocks, you’ll get Youkol Lens 2.

Head up the stairs on your left. Walk along the red carpet to your left and then head right when you see the red carpet divide. Walk through the large doors, then look at the trophy case to the side of the door. Use your Scarf on the glass door, then grab Youkol Lens 3.

Head back out the door and exit the stadium. Head out the iron gate and walk a long way left, following the stadium. When you come to a point where the road splits, after you walk past the way back to the bonfire, turn left and follow the path to a set of large metal doors. Climb up the swimming platform and place the youkol lenses. Put the green lens in the middle, the blue lens to the right of it (when looking away from the entrance to the swimming hall), and the red one to the left.

After a short cutscene, solve the mirror puzzle using the screenshots below.

Syberia 3 - Complete Walkthrough
Syberia 3 - Complete Walkthrough
Syberia 3 - Complete Walkthrough

Head down the diving platform and walk towards the camera and around the swimming pool and down the ladder. Enter the temple.

Get the Youkols Across the Bridge

After the cutscene, head back in your Yurt and grab the Lighter and the Knife out of the trunk close to the Yurt exit. Exit the Yurt.

Head toward the front of the ostrich caravan and head right down a path between the rocks. Continue right and go back and around the rock circle, and talk to Kurk.

Next, head around the back side of the building next to the bridge, and head down the ladder, then head down another ladder to your left. Pull the lever to get the water wheel turning. Go to the front of the building, back up the ladder, and talk to the man who is in the booth. You’ll get the achievement Anything goes…

After you talk to the man in the booth, head to the front of the bridge and he’ll raise it for you. Walk to the next section of the bridge and he’ll raise it again.

Signal the Youkol

Walk into the Youkol tent and talk to the man. After you talk to him, head back across the bridge. Head to where the man in the booth rode off on his motorcycle and grab the brick on the ground. Head to the Shaman’s tent (with Oscar standing next to it). Talk to her. Click on the chest next to her, and grab her Staff.

Walk to the back of the building and use the brick on the door. Head to the front desk and grab the Flask out of the basket. Head further back and grab the Papers on the small table. Exit the quarters and climb down the ladder. Walk to your right, then head into the building and press the red button to call the cart over.

Look inside the cart and place the Vodka Flask inside it, then go back and press the red button again. Pick up the Bags of Sawdust from the cart.

Go back up the ladder after the cutscene, then walk around to the stone circle with the stove. Look at the pipe on the bottom left side. Turn the lever so that it is pointing up (vertical). Back out of this view. Click on the stove, then open the large doors on the bottom. Pick up the Quarter Chunk of Red Resin, Round Chunk of Blue Resin, the Funnel 1, Funnel 3, and Funnel 4 from the left-hand side of the shelves. Next, pick up a Log from the right hand side. Click on the middle section and place the Log, then place the Papers on top of it. Lastly, use the Lighter to get a fire going.

Back out of this view. Next, open all of the doors to the little smoke stacks on the front. Grab the two Quarter Part of Yellow Resin, and one Quarter Part of Blue Resin.

Back out of the smoke stack and look around to the back of the stove. Take the Funnel 2 from the open area.

Lastly, place Ayawaska’s Staff on the middle of the table, between the smoke stacks. Take a look at it.

Exit out of the view and walk back to the stump in the circle. Place the Round Chunk of Blue Resin on the stump and use the Knife to cut a piece off it. Grab the Quarter Part of Blue Resin.

Click in to the left-most smoke stack. Push the grate up and turn the section with a quarter chunk missing so that the handle is pointing towards you. Push the grate down and put the Quarter Part of Red Resin on the bottom-left quarter of the grate. Turn the handle at the bottom so it is pointing up (vertical), then close the smoke stack by pressing the red button.

Repeat this on all four smoke stacks, except use the Quarter Part of Blue Resin on both the inner smokestacks, and the Quarter Part of Yellow Resin on the right-most smoke stack.

Next, put sawdust from the Bags of Sawdust in each of the small drawers below each smokestack chamber.

Finally, go to the back of the stove and put the funnels in reverse numerical order, left to right (starting with Funnel 4 on the left, and ending with Funnel 1 on the right). You’ll get the achievement Mobile communication and trigger the final cutscene. You’ll get the achievement
What counts is not the destination.

Written by Tachyawn.

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