Death Stranding – How to Get Your First Trike and Unlock the Fabrication Plans

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How to Get a Motorcycle

In Death Stranding, the long stretches of America can be tiresome to run up and down all the time, which is why you can eventually obtain motorcycles called Reverse Trikes to make deliveries go a lot faster. All vehicles require battery power to run, and will eventually run out if not charged – though they will slowly recharge in sunny or cloudy weather (so long as you aren’t in a timefall zone).

The Trikes have great speed and balance, as you are able to move quickly over difficult terrain, but it has limited cargo space, and certain models sacrifice cargo storage for increased batteries.

While they can cross smaller rivers and deep water marked by yellow on your scanner, they will be lost when trying to cross very deep water marked by red. However, Trikes also have the ability to soar through the sky with a well timed jump after boosting, allowing you to cross gaps at the cost of taking cargo damage when you land. Their high maneuverability allows them to get to many destinations – and even outpace MULEs.

How to Get Your First Trike

You’ll spot your first Reverse Trike located just outside the Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City – but it’s been rendered inoperable due to a lack of battery power.

Sadly, the game will tease you with vehicle just out of reach until you are able to power it up again with a Generator, as you cannot move it into the waystation’s garage in this state.

You’ll need to take on Order 9 and deliver supplies to the nearby Wind Farm before you learn how to construct a Generator with a PCC.

The trek involves a dangerous and wind-swept journey through a forest of BTs, so move carefully and take it slow until you reach the other side. Your reward for turning in Order number 9 is the fabrication plan for the Generator PCC.

Once you have the upgrade, return to the waystation and equip the PCC by pressing right on the D-Pad. Once you have it out, press down on the D-Pad to cycle between structures to find a generator, and then place it down next to the Trike. Once built, it will rapidly charge up the Reverse Trike, allowing you to ride it once more.

However, it still lacks almost any durability – which cannot be repaired by Container Repair Spray. You’ll need to drive it into a Waystation or Knot City that has a Private Room and leave it on the elevator when you go down. As you rest, your vehicle’s durability will be restored to full – and this is the only way you can do so.

How to Unlock the Trike Fabrication Plans

The only way to unlock your own Trikes to fabricate yourself is by completing Order 18 delivering the aid package from Port Knot City to Lake Knot City in the Central Region. This will unlock the Reverse Trike to be fabricated, as well as a long-distance version that trades storage for battery power – and you can also start to see other players trikes out in the wild.

There are also two more types of Trikes that can be built, if you manage to locate their plans:

  • Reach Connection Level 3 with South Knot City to unlock the Reverse Trike (Defensive)
  • Locate the Memory Stick south of the large waterfall by the Cosplayer Prepper and search along the western banks, and return the stick to unlock the Reverse Trike (Ride Type)
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