Death Stranding – What is DOOMS, Aphenphosmphobia and Chiral Allergies

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In Death Stranding, some pretty crazy terms and words like DOOMS, Chiral Allergies, and Aphenphosmphobia are thrown your way early on in the story, and many of them never really get explained.

We’ve compiled all the information we know about how the condition known as DOOMs actually seems to work, as well as the Aphenphosmphobia that Sam suffers from.

What is DOOMS?

The answer is..! While never outright explained, DOOMS is a rare condition that has afflicted certain people as a result of the Death Stranding, and gives certain people varying powers in observing both BTs and The Beach, and may offer some power over both – depending on the level of DOOMS that person has.

When Sam and Fragile meet in the prologue, Sam affirms that he’s suffering from DOOMS – as evidenced by his tears from a “chiral allergy”, and that he’s got the “extinction factor”. DOOMS also allows him to sense nearby BTs, as seen by his skin reddening in response to their proximity, but cannot see them without the aid of a BB Unit.

However, it seems that people like Fragile are more attuned to DOOMS than Sam, which may explain why she has the ability to teleport at will by using The Beach to get around. Similarly, the antagonist that appears shortly after seems to directly influence BTs to attack Sam and the other porters – which is likely another power spawned from DOOMS.

How Does DOOMS Effect Your Game – Birthdays

As soon as you begin your game, you’ll be asked to enter your birthday, and immediately find that “Higher levels of DOOMS abilities have been observed in those born under constellations such as Cancer, Pisces, Cetus, Delphinus, and Gigas”.

Some of these constellations aren’t even normally listed under common zodiac signs – Cetus, Delphinus, and Gigas. Cetus is sometimes associated with the neighboring constellation Aries, while Delphinus is largely associated with Capricorn, and Gigas is a sign associated with the months of around November to February.

It’s not yet clear how your own birthday will effect your level of DOOMS in Sam, or whether it will change how he perceives BTs and other effects of the Death Stranding.

Sony has confirmed that “Choosing your birthday at the start of the game will not impact your play experience.” However, they are leaving the specifics of what how your Birthday impacts DOOMS as a surprise for fans.

That being said, there is at least one clear effect of choosing your birthday: If you rest at a Private Room on your birthday in game, you’ll find a cake waiting for Sam on the table with the Monster Energy Drinks!

What is Aphenphosmphobia?

The answer is..! Aphenphosmphobia is generally regarded as a fear of intimacy or being touched, which is why Sam refuses to touch or shake hands with other people he meets. Interestingly enough, people with Aphenphosmphobia may also suffer from Chirophobia – the fear of hands. If this sounds familiar, its because the word Chiral – and hands in general – is a recurring theme in Death Stranding. BTs are only seen by the handprints they leave in the ground, and Chiral Crystals take on the form of hands coming out of the ground.

Sam also appears to have a condition that couples with his Aphenphosmphobia that causes him to bruise and scar when touched by others – and has left him with several hand prints all over his body – the latest of which are given by Fragile and Bridget. These may also be marks from the result of Sams ability to “repatriate” back to the world of the living upon death – which may be another result of his DOOMS affliction.

Chiral Allergies

Many characters, including Sam himself, have a Chiral allergy that can be seen by the tears that streak down their face. This seems to often appear due to interactions with BTs, but can also stem from the Chiral dust in the air as a result of the Death Stranding. Dead bodies also seem to exude Chiral essence, as Knot Cities are stated to prefer burning bodes outside the city limits to reduce concentrations of chiralium, which is said to have negative effects on people.

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