The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Battlemage Soul Farm Guide

How Does it Work?

For every win in Practice against Expert AI you get 15 soul shards. Per day you can get 300 shards (20 wins against AI) so you can craft 1 Legendary every 4 days.


Gameplay Tips

  • You should put low damage cards like Sharpshooter Scout or Nord Firebrand in the Field Lane to split up your opponents defenses and keep your Shadow Lane clear. 
  • Use Bone Bow on guarded minions! 
  • Getting a Bog Lurcher out on Turn 3 or 4 is an almost guaranteed 9 damage on the following turn. Putting an Assassin Bow on it before you attack often guarantees another attack on the next turn. 
  • Remember: Face is the Place!

Written by Meatspinner.

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