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Team Fortress 2 - Crit Spam Focused, Max Damage Support Medic (MvM)

Written by gergez   /   Nov 11, 2019    

A simple guide on how not to be completely useless as a medic in a competent team.


Medic is one of the most used classes in Two-Cities. Enter a random lobby and you will pretty much always find a medic in it, or someone asking to pick the class.

After just a few MvM matches, newer teams assume that they need to rely on two Medic mechanics to complete the mission: the Projectile Shield and the Revive system.

As such, most medics in mvm will pick an upgrade path similar to this:

Or in a worst case, this:

While a healing/revive focused medic is almost mandatory in newer groups, it sadly holds any to no value in a competent team that knows which resistances to buy and never dies.

Medics in such groups then tend to just idle around and use one or two charges of Uber per wave, in a similar manner to a Medic-Bot.

So instead of wasting a spot, allow your demo to obliterate his best score and learn how to play this simple, straightforward medic build, focused on boosting damage and using Crit Canteens.


Three things are required to be able to play the NonIdleMed efficiently:

  • A good pocket to target. A rare sight in this idiot-filled gamemode but they do exist. Crits will give your target 300% damage. 300% damage with 0% skilled trash = 0 damage. The better your target is at doing damage the more useful you will be.
  • A 2-ways teleporter right from the start: Remember that you will be spamming canteens from Wave 1. With the amount of players (high-tours included) who have no idea how useful a 2-way teleporter is, finding an engineer like this might actually be the biggest challenge of playing this build.
  • Some positional awareness and decent understanding of aggro mechanics: Being that you will have very few (if any) resistances, those will be your best friends when it comes to not dying.

Upgrades Path

What medigun should I use

Kritzkrieg by default. Unless team is absolutely trash, then take Vaccinator. But then you shouldn't be going Crit focused Medic if the entire team is trash, so follow your guts.

Main upgrades

Good thing for you, the NonIdleMed is extremely simple to build, as long as you can count to 3: it mainly relies on those upgrades:

  • Canteen Specialist
  • Crit canteens
  • Uber-duration

The objective is to maximize the amount of time your target spends under the effect of Crits when bots are about to drop or are on the field. Aim for 50% during the first waves, and progress to 90%+ by the last wave.

Optional upgrades

Depending on your experience and confidence in staying alive, you may spend some money in the following upgrades, at the expense of having less cash to spend on canteens:

  • Shield: 1 level is enough.
  • Crit resistance: If needed, to avoid being 1-shotted.
  • Other resistances: Only if you feel like you really need it.
  • Movement speed: Only if your engineer has a terrible teleporter placement that makes you lose time each time you need to go to the upgrade station.

Forbidden upgrades

Those upgrades bring no value here. Each dollar counts when you are spamming canteens. Ignore those.

  • Healing mastery: Also known as Idle Mastery. A good pocket will not take enough damage to justify spending money on this.
  • Overheal expert: See point above.
  • Ubercharge rate: Ever heard of the Ubsersaw?
  • Every other upgrade that has not been listed.

Money Management

The NonIdleMed brings a refreshing challenge to the table: Money Management.

You may want to maximise the damage of your pocket using Crits, but you also do not want to find yourself in shortage of money for the next wave.

As such, this builds requires a bit of knowledge about the mission. Plan things in advance. Have at least a vague idea of how many canteens you want to give for the next wave, and how much money you want to spend on upgrades.

There may be parts of a wave where your target may not require additional damage boost to take care of the incoming bots by himself. Money can effectively be saved in this situation.

The first waves are generally the hardest because you need to spend a few hundred dollars on key upgrades while still providing a consistent source of Crits. After those upgrades have been purchased, saving 300-500$ at the beginning of the wave will generally insure that you will always be able to provide Crits at will, assuming money is picked up during the wave of course.

It should not be unusual to only have 2000$ or 3000$ to allocate for all your upgrades + canteens on the last wave of the mission.


Last wave of Metro Malice upgrades:

Gameplay Basics

Remember your objective: You want your target to be under the effects of Crits for the longest time possible. Be selfish. Each second the damage dealer is not Crit-boosted while bots are or the field on dropping, is potential damage wasted.

Fortunately for us, the great thing about canteens, unlike your Ubercharge, is that you do not need to keep the beam connected to your target after sharing the canteen. This means that all your actions (upgrading mid-wave, using your ubersaw, reviving/healing another player) must be done in-between canteen sharing. Here are the following durations of a canteen effect, depending on the level of Canteen Specialist:

  • Level 1: 6 Seconds
  • Level 2: 7 Seconds
  • Level 3: 8 Seconds

Upgrading/Refilling canteens

This is where the 2-ways teleporter comes into the equation: assuming your engineer placed both the entrance and exit propertly (the entrance as close to the upgrade station as possible, the exit as close to the team as possible), you will just have enough time to share a canteen, run back to the station, refill them, and come back to share another one.

Building Uber

As said in the previous section, forget about upgrading UberCharge rate. Your Ubersaw is your best friend, right after your pocket demo and your right hand.

Busters are easy and safe bots to focus. If none are available, remember that you are much more vulnerable than a normal medic with resistances. It is sometimes best to simply ignore building Uber and focus on delivering Crits via canteens that potentially dying and having to Buy-Back into the game. If you choose to go for Ubersawing bots in between canteen sharing, use positional awareness and understand aggro mechanics/flanking to keep yourself alive.

Reviving players

Players will sometimes die even in competent teams. Your build is not focused on reviving players, and because of the lack of healing mastery, it will generally take a very long time to revive a single person.

In general, it is best ignoring the dead player and focus on your target. However, if you decide to revive a player, here is a little trick that will greatly reduce the time required to revive him:

Smash your Mouse 1 key instead of holding it on the dead player.

Here is a showcase of the difference:

Slow Revive: Maintening Mouse 1 pressed

Fast Revive: Spamming Mouse 1

Special note: Buying canteens without Max Canteen Specialist

For the first wave, there are times where you may not want to spend all your money on Canteen Specialist directly. Remember that each point spent on this upgrade reduces the cost of a canteen by 10 credits. Fortunately, you are still able to buy canteens at a price while keeping Canteen Specialist to level 1. Here is a showcase. Watch the remaining credits in the end:

Default Build

Optimized Build


As I said, the NonIdleMed is incredibly simple and straightforward to play, but you will at least differentiate yourself from 99% of the passive medics while playing it, be somewhat useful in competent teams, while at the same time providing great fun to your lucky target. Don't forget to press F4, no pyro and try to have fun.

Written by gergez.