Dino D-Day – 100% Achievement Guide


All credit goes to Cosmos94!

This is a guide to help you get all achievements on Dino D-Day. A lot of the achievements can be done solo with bots but it will be easier if you have another player to help you. Before we begin to change team you can do it with, and to change a player with.


Not all of the achievements can be done with bots. There are a few that you will need a friend to assist. Most of the achievements can be done with bots but might require a bit of luck so if you cannot get some of them try it with a friend to see if they will work. Additionally there are no bugged achievements on this game so it is possible to get 100% . Go to options -> keyboard mouse -edit keys -> weapon options and put x there.

Allies Achievements

Out, but not down
Kill an enemy with a melee attack while out of bullets.

Keep shooting with both weapons until you run out of ammo. Remember to make sure not to hit an enemy while you shoot then change to melee and kill an enemy

Nazis…I hate these guys
Kill one of each Nazi class in the same life.

Create a game and add one of each bot on the opponent team. When you start pick Corporal. The reason why you pick Corporal is that he has artillery which can make kills some easier to get. Also remember that when you shoot a dinosaur it will attack you so be extra careful when trying this achievement. You can also find med packs around the map to heal you up.

This is my BOOM stick(y)!
As Joe, kill an enemy with your sticky bomb.

The bigger they are…
Land the killing blow on a T-Rex.

The only maps you can play as T-Rex are ddd_airstrip, ddd_fortress and ddd_gela T-Rex won’t be eligible from the class section, instead it will be randomize between the players joined the Axis, this might come useful if you’re trying to do this achievement with a friend. The achievement itself is quite self-explanatory.

Shoot her!
Save a teammate by killing a raptor that has pounced them.

Tip on how i got it: Create a game and add around 10 raptors and 1 bot on your side also change difficulty on hard and wait until a Velociraptor pounches on the bot then kill it and it will unlock.

Raptors have the ability to jump onto an enemy and pounce, this ability has two parts: the first one will deal half health damage and the second will kill the enemy instantly. You will have just a few seconds to kill the raptor while she’s pouncing before she kills the victim.

The Silence of the Lambs
Save a teammate or yourself from a thrown goat.

The same way that you did “Shoot her!” achievement but instead of raptors you will add Dilophosaurus then wait for Dilophosaurus to throw a goat and kill it in the air. Try to have a distance to make sure you can kill it easier.

Tonight, you dine in Hell!
Kill a raptor while she’s feeding.

Sometimes raptor’s primal instincts will kick in and they will start devouring a jackrabbit if one is in their way. This is when you have to kill her, you will have a few seconds to do it while she’s still feeding.

Turkey Dinner
As Nigel, kill a Microraptor with your flamethrower.

Nigel’s flamethrower has a very short range but its very effective against small dinos such as the Microraptor it will light enemies on fire and deal damage over time.

In Hardgrave’s berserk mode, punch a T-Rex to death.

Create a game on Fortress or Gala map and add 2 bots on Axis team. 1 of these bots will become T-rex . Choose Hardgrave . To use berserk mode you have to kill 3 enemies then when you kill them press e to activate it. Keep killing the bot that hasn’t spawned as T-rex and before you use it to kill T-rex make sure the health is quite low so you can kill it in 1 hit.

…the harder they fall.
Land the killing blow on a Styracosaur.

You can only get this on Fortress map on objective mode it is quite hard to do it with bots but here is how you can do it.Start a game on Fortress map and add 2 bots om each class on each team also make sure to change the max players to 30. Now when you start try to capture the 2 points and then Styracosaur. Now try to kill him and hope you will be the last one to deal the blow.

Shoot and kill a leaping raptor.

To get this one you can use the method that we said in ” Shoot her!” achievement or you can do it with a friend. Just wait until he jumps and then kill it.

Bad Hare Day
Kill two raptors with the same rabbit.

You can either do it with 2 friends or add 22 raptors on a game that you created dinomon difficulty and just kill them when they eat.Remember the one who needs it must play as Ilona vike

Kelly’s Heroes
Get one kill as each Allied class in a single round.

Start the game on any map and pick the first character from Allies. Kill one enemy player then switch with , to another character. To die easier either you can go near a dinosaur and let it kill you or go throw grenades on yourself.

Star Spangled Hammer
Get five fist-kills in Berserk mode

You need to play as Hardgrave to be able to use his berserk abilty. On your way to kill 5 enemies you will also get Let’s Ragnaroooooook!

Let’s Ragnaroooooook!
Get 3 kills while in berserk mode as Hardgrave.

Cloudy with a chance of Death!
As Joe, get 3 kills with a single artillery strike.

To use Artillery you need to press e. Be warned it takes a few seconds until the artillery falls . You can do it either with friends or start a game with bots on king of the hills and hope you hit 3 enemies when they are on the point. You can also go to the point to capture it so they will come to the point as well.

It DOES burn when you pee!
As Nigel, burn a dinosaur that is peeing.

You need another person for this one. Your friends need to press x to pee and then you have to burn him with flamethrower.

Bandage a Trois
As Camille, heal yourself and three others with a thrown healthkit.

This achievement can be done solo , you can also do it with some friends to help you or play online with randoms and hope for the best.You need to pick Allies then choose Camille.

Tip on how i got it: Add bots to both sides and spawn as Axis shoot some bots but don’t kill them then switch to Allies and pick Camille find the bots that are wounded and keep throw healthkits on the wounded bots until you get it.

Allies Weapons

Operation Torch
As Nigel, kill 7 enemies with the Flamethrower in a single life.

Uz Prieksu!
Score 7 kills in a single life with the Mosin-Nagant.

You need to play as Ilona vike.

That’s just Garand
Score 7 kills in a single life with the M1 Garand.

Only HardGrave has this weapon

It ain’t easy being greasy…
As Joe, get 7 kills in one life with the grease gun.

Open BAR, dude
Score 7 kills in a single life with the BAR.

Choose Jakob Frank for this one.

Keep Calm and Carry One
Score a kill with every PIAT round in a single life.

Choose Nigel for this one.

French Persistence
Score 7 kills in a single life with the Sten gun.

Camille has this weapon.

More like “Stompson”
Score 7 kills in a single life with the Thompson SMG.

Corporeal Joe Spencer has this weapon.

As Jakob, use your fists to kill two enemies in a single life.

Axis Achievements

Helmet Trick
Kill 3 Hardgraves in one life.

Create a game on any map and Dinomon difficulty. Tick the Customise bots box and add 3 Hardgraves on the right side and start the game. Spawn as i.e. Kurt and just kill the 3 bots. Any other class should work as well.

It’s the Rapture!
Capture a point with only raptors

Create game and choose capture point mode. You don’t have to add any bots to start the game then capture a point and it will unlock. Make sure to spawn as a dinosaur.

You Can’t Go Home Again
As an Axis player, kill the 2 German defectors in one life (Trigger and Jakob).

Create game and add 1 Trigger and 1 Jakob to the Allies team. Start the game on Dinomon difficulty and kill them.

What’s gonna happen to the goat?
Use a goat to kill an enemy player.

Start the game and pick Dilophosaurus. Find a goat around the map and press right click to pick it up. Now find a bot and throw him the goat with left click. If you hit the bot and it dies the achievement will unlock.

Sneaky Snacker
Finish eating 3 jackrabbits in the same life.

2 Players required. To get this you need your friend to pick Ilona Vike and you pick raptor. Find each other and make sure you eat 3 without dying. Ilona Vike can only carry 2 so you’ll need to go to the base for resupplies. To throw the rabbits press 4 to equip it and throw it with left click.

Achilles Meal
As the Raptor, finish eating a jackrabbit.

See Sneaky Snacker achievement

Give ‘Em the Bird
Make your first kill as the Microraptor.

Just kill 1 enemy as Microraptor.

Hock a Luger
As Microraptor, hit an enemy in the head with your poison spit.

To spit your poison press right click. It can be hard to hit someone’s head because the aiming is not as accurate as shooting with a gun so a friend on the opposite team can be very helpful.

Adding Insult to Injury
As Microraptor, kill an enemy with your claws after spitting in their face.

Try this with “Hock a Luger” achievement so you can get both easier

Mourning Breath
As T-Rex, knock 3 enemies down with one roar.

Add 3 bots of each class on the Allies team and start the game on Fortress map. Make sure you don’t have any bots on your team and after a while you will become T-Rex. Now to use roar you need to press e. Usually bots gather together if you add a lot of bots so it won’t be hard to get.

Snack Attack
As T-Rex, eat an enemy player.

See Combo Meal achievement

Combo Meal
As T-Rex, eat 3 enemy players in one life.

To do this you have to use e first of all so people will go down. When they go down you will see a red glow go near them and press left click. Do it 3 times and it will unlock.

Spit Us Out The Bomb
As T-Rex, kill an enemy player with a 500lb bomb.

You need to pick a bomb with left click of the mouse and throw it to a bot. You need to throw 2 bombs to kill a bot.The maps that you can find them are Fortress and Gela.

Pounce the same player twice in one life.

How to use Pounce: A player may pounce by jumping near an enemy aiming at them and holding alt-fire.

Tonight, you dine in Hell!
Kill a raptor while she’s feeding.

The player who wants it must be Ilona vike and his friend velociraptor. Just throw a rabbit as Ilona and when the dinosaur starts eating it kill it.

Griefosaurus Rex
Pounce 5 different enemy players in the same life.

Add 20 bots to Allies team and when it starts pick Velociraptor. Now all you had to do is jump on the bots and press right click you will see like a red glow. Keep doing this until you kill 5 of them.

Combat Vet (erinarian)
As von Graff, heal a dinosaur teammate.

Add bots on both sides and spawn as Allies. Shoot a few of the dinosaurs and change to Axis now pick Graff and when you see a wounded dinosaur press right click and it will unlock.

Paint the Town Yellow
Pee on a downed enemy, then kill them.

You can only get this achievement with Desmatosuchus. You need to run with shift and hit an enemy with left click. When he is down press x to and then kill him if done correctly you will receive it.

Reich Rolled
As Axis, get the Styracosaur to his goal without taking any damage.

Play on Fortress map add some bots for Allies and when the game starts let them capture Point A and B now you will spawn as Styracosaur. Simple reach Point C and it will unlock.

Is this a bad time?
As the Compy, kill an enemy that is capturing a point.

Clever Girl
As a Raptor, kill Ilona after she’s deployed a rabbit.

You need to do this with a friend. He/she needs to choose Ilona and throw a rabbit. Now the other player who controls the velociraptor must not go near the rabbit and just go kill Ilona.

Kiss the Cook
As Microraptor, spit in Nigel’s face while you are on fire.

For this to work you need Nigel to use flamethrower on you then spit on him. It is not possible with bots so you need a friend.

If it bleeds we can kill it…
Kill a Hardgrave while he’s in berserk mode.

I would advice to do it with a friend.When Handgrave kills 3 enemies and uses his abillity his fists glow. You need to kill him during that time to earn it.

Party Fowl
Capture a two-man control point with Microraptors.

Play Capture the point and add 2 microraptos to your team.Now all you have to do is capture 2 points with them.

Wall Art
As the Microraptor, kill an enemy while clinging to the wall.

To cling to the wall as the microraptor, simply jump towards the wall you want to hold onto and hold crouch. You need to hold crouch to stay on the wall. You use your abillity as well with right click to get it.

I regret nothing!
As the Compy, kill an enemy with a suicide detonation.

See “Threepeat” but you only need 1 kill now to unlock the abillity.

Two for One Special
As the Compy, kill two enemies with one suicide detonation.

See “Threepeat” but you need to get 2 kills now to unlock the abillity.

As the Compy, kill three enemies with one suicide detonation.

Warning: Unfortunately if you get this one it won’t unlock the rest as well. To get this one simple kill 3 enemies until you get the detonation abillity. Then find 3 enemies and detonate so they will die. You will also see which detonation you have based on the kills that you did.

I Regret Everything
As Compy, get 3 claw kills but fail to kill anyone with your suicide detonation.

Quite simple just kill 3 enemies go somewhere where there will be none and detonate

Paint the town red
Kill an enemy player by throwing him into a wall.

Pick Dilophosaurus and use its ability to ram into an enemy then you can grab him with the right click with your jaws and throw him into a wall.

Score a double-kill with a bite victim.

This is very similar to Paint the town red but instead of throwing the enemy you pick up into a wall, throw him to towards another enemy.

Combat Vet (erinarian)
As von Graff, heal a dinosaur teammate.

Find a dinosaur that is injured choose medickit and press right click on the dinosaur.

Divine Wind
Use a pterosaur to kill an enemy capturing a point.

You will probably get this one while trying “Avenge me” achievement

Rest for the Unwary
Use a pterosaur to kill 3 or more enemies simultaneously.

To use the pterosaur you need to pick Karl Hissman and to use his abillity you need to press e .

Avenge me!
Score a pterosaur kill after you’ve died.

See “Rest for the Unwary” achievement. Be warned though pterosaur takes a few seconds to come and hit an enemy so this mostly depends on luck. You can either do it with bots or with a friend. If you do it with bots i would suggest easy difficulty and king of the hill mode. Use pterosaur on the point when you start let the bots kill you and probably pterosaur will kill some as well. Add around 14 bots on allies and don’t add any on your team.

Axis Weapons

Bad Medicine
Score 7 kills in a single life using the MP-44.

Only Von Graff has this weapon.

Struck by the Streicher
Score 7 kills in a single life using the k98.

Karl Hissman and Htpm.Kurt Streicher have this weapon. For me it only unlocked with Kurt streicher

Stricken by the Streicher
Score 7 kills in a single life using the MP-40.

Only Htpm. Kurt Streicher has this weapon.

German Efficiency
As Hissman kill two enemies with two consecutive bullets.

Join the Axis and pick Hissman. This class uses a sniper rifle as primary weapon but it doesn’t always kill in one shot. The easiest way to do this would be taking 2 friends and lowering their health to less than half and then killing them both with the sniper. You can also do this by adding only 2 bots to the opposite team and trying to do the same but it might take a few tries. Keep in mind that the kills doesn’t required to be with the sniper although it might be the best option.

Dino Kills

Trigger Time
As Trigger, kill 7 enemies with your .30 cal.

Tanks a lot
Kill 7 enemies in a single life as the Desmatosuchus

Horned Devil
As the Stygimoloch, kill 7 enemies with your MG34.

As the Microraptor, kill 7 enemies in a single life.

Primal Purge
As T-Rex, get 7 MG kills in one life.

To shoot as T-Rex you need to press left click of the mouse. Just kill 7 enemies and it will unlock. T-rex is avaiable only on Fortress and Gela maps.


I choose you!
Equip an alternate weapon.

Start a game and choose Allies, before selecting a class there will be different weapons to choose from Nigel, Hardgrave and Joe’s loadout. Just choose any of them and spawn the class.

Exercise your options
Kill an enemy with an alternate weapon.

I did this one with NIgel who is on Allies team. Pick flamethrower kill some enemies and it will unlock.

There Can Be Only One
Stay alive for an entire round and score at least 5 points.

Start a game on King of the Hills mode add some bots kill them until you have more than 5 kills and stay alive until the round ends.

Bite the Hand that Feeds You
Kill a developer in online play.

Fortunately now you don’t have to kill a developer to get it, instead you need to kill someone who already has this achievement. In order to get it you need to kill him all by yourself without any assist.

He who controls the points…
Be on the winning team in a Capture Point game.

All you have to do is win 1 game of capture point

There’s no ‘I’ in plane
Help capture the Ju-52 in Troina.

Create a game and choose capture the point. Add 1 bot on allies team then join allies. Now to get this you need to capture point c and it will unlock.

Headshot an enemy that is capturing a point.

I would suggest capture the point for this one. Simple when someone captures a point kill him with headshot.

Santa’s Little Helper
Collect 15 of Santa’s lost presents

Select Snowy Park. Add only 24 Axis dinosaurs and 0 Allies, since Humans don’t drop them. Remember to change max players to 32.Then kill 15 and pick the presents they drop, this has to be done in one match. It doesn’t have to be in one life, so dying doesn’t reset the counter, you can see it on the top right corner.

To make it easier you can set the difficulty to Dinoman, enemy raptors won’t attack you until you shoot them. Any gamemode should work.

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