Catan Universe – Basic Rules for Beginners

This is just a simple basic rules for every new player to follow so they don’t get lose when gaming for the first time, this mostly only applies for Catan Universe the base game.

Basic Rules

  • Each player is going to place 1 settlement with 1 road at the beginning of their turn, once the last person places their, they get to place their second settlement and road, in such order will they be placed 1-2-3-4-4-3-2-1. They will pick up 1 resource of each that is around the second settlement. 
  • For each settlement in that numbered tile you get 1 resource, if you have a city you get two resources. 
  • If you replace a settlement (worth 1 point) with a city (worth 2) you lose the settlement point, they do not add up. 
  • Placing in ports: If you have a settlement in a port of a specific item, you can trade 3 of those for 1 (3:1), if you have a settlement in a (?) port you can trade 3 of any but the same kind for 1. However if you have a settlement in two ports, one of a specific kind, and one in the question mark port you can trade (2:1) for that specific kind. Example: I have a settlement in a wood port and one in a question mark port, now instead of doing 3:1 in the wood port, I can do 2:1. 
  • Achievements: If you build the longest road (5 roads in a row) you get a 2 victory point achievement, however if someone in example, places 6 roads in a row, they get the achievement, meaning you lose 2 points and they gain it. This also applies to the biggest army (3 knights), if someone uses 4+ knights they get the achievement plus the points and you lose it. 
  • The dots below each number, means how many combinations there are to get that number, so the more dots, means the more chances of the number to landing in such, which means more resources. 
  • Rober: You only discard half your cards if you have exactly 8 or more. Plus it steals 1 card from the player you choose and tops the player/players from getting resources of your desired tiled number.

Written by AgentSix.LLG.

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