Gauntlet – Wizards Void Spell Book Guide


Void book cooldowns (close approximation based on a stopwatch):

  • Fire fire 0.9 seconds (fireball).
  • Void void 12.5 second: lasts 7 seconds (invis).
  • Ice ice 1 second (ice beam).

  • Fire void 2.25 seconds (fire lobshot).
  • Fire ice 6.25 seconds (dash).

  • Void fire 8.25 seconds (vacuum).
  • Void ice No cooldown (dark torrent).

  • Ice fire 3.5 seconds (ice cone).
  • Ice void 21 seconds: lasts 12 seconds (circle of slow).

Good combos for crowd control in fights:

  1. Vacuum, ice cone, spam dark torrent invis.
  2. Dash, spam dark torrent or invis.
  3. Dash, vacuum, walk away and spam dark torrent / invis or ice cone.

When walking paths use in order as needed:

Dash if there is a solid wall of enemies, vacuum if dash is on cooldown followed by invis, dark torrent spam/ice cone if all 3 are on cooldown, rinse and repeat.

Spell priority in most / all situations (helps keep me alive imo):

  • Dark torrent spam.
  • Vacuum.
  • Ice cone / invis.
  • Dash.
  • Circle of slow.
  • Fireball / ice beam / fire lobshot.

Icy’s special: walk up to spawner spaming dark torrent, vacuum, ice cone, walk away, circle of slow on a spawner, fire lobshot / ice beam.

You can use vacuum, then 2 ice cones back to back, then vacuum again for infinite cc of a particular group of enemies.

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