Planet Zoo – How to Earn Lots of Conservation Credits During Events

A comprehensive guide to scoring yourself thousands of Conservation Credits!

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How to Earn

First of all, I do not suggest scalping the market. Please be fair, and don’t buy others animals with the intention on selling for higher. Frontier Zoo should be the only one being taken advantage of, which causes no harm to any players just trying to have a good time!

Discover what breed of animal is currently required for an event, as their price skyrockets. Wait for Frontier Zoo to sell animals. Frontier is the developer of Planet Zoo, and they seed animals into the marketplace, as a way to keep all of the breeds available and the prices lower. They almost always purchase without fail. You’re not competing with thousands of people for one single animal.

Once the animal is in your trade center, resell it for the average minimum price of the event animal. Typically, the price can vary between 3-4x the price of Frontier’s animals, especially if the event requires letting them go into the wild, or re-homing them. If the event is a breeding event, the market will be saturated, and the efficiency of the style will not be as beneficial.

The animal should sell within a few minutes if the event is still in high demand, awarding you with tons of conservation credits.

Please note: This guide was made during the second animal event, the Western Lowland Gorillas, and I can not promise this will be the same for every event. Changes might occur in the future.

Written by Bunkagunk

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