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Sacred Sword Princesses - Short Basic Guide (How to Play)

Written by Mtc   /   Nov 16, 2019    

In this guide you can find some basics about gameplay.

How to Play Sacred Sword Princesses and Win

How to Use Gems

Probably the most important thing for a newcomer, is to spend their gems correctly and dont just trow them all away, here are a few tips.

  1. Use gems twice a day to gain 40 ap (100 gems = 80 ap, later in the guide we will mention why).
  2. Gacha sucks, so try to not spend too much in gacha (also even if u get the best char in gacha, like a 3 star isabel or khalis, its still not worth it, later we will mention why) but if u still want to spend a bit in gacha just for the 2500 contribution points in the actual gacha event (2500 points=500k gold) then go ahead, but after that stop using gems gacha.
  3. Donate 200 gems to your guild everyday, i know it sounds weird that it is worth it but you get a lot of coins from that which are pretty usefull, and also guild more guild funds.
  4. Waste gems in good events, right now the easiest character to lvl 50 is emmanielle cuz of his event, you can buy 3 collegiate scrolls with 1500 contribution points, and those air scrolls will give you 1500 contribution points back, so it's free xp, renember that the 500k coins for 2500 contribution aswell is by far the best one, coins are so hard to get in this game.

So, now you know how to spend your gems, so lets go and see what things you should do to get better.

Story mode

Do story mode until you complete altemis empire, then stop for a while or do like 1 a day, this is mainly because you need the AP points to do 10 times ea of this dungeons:

  • Aphrodite empire advanced exploration
  • Themis empire advanced exploration
  • Altemis empire advanced exploration

Why? Because you will get 30 shards from ea daily (at the start u will struggle a bit to get all the shards cuz of ur max ap limit, but give it some time and waste gems twice a day in ap and u should be fine) So Naladia, Trisha and Elnora will be our main characters (if u dont like any of those u can also complete story map 4 and then farm Chharodi, it is up to you)


I would highly recommend start spamming Golem daily raid and windkiller daily raid.

You will get bladed and stalward set (10 ea shard) and you can also select the class you want the set for, so it's pretty usefull in getting that early good gear (from Windkiller u will also get Giant Bowknot, insanely good item)


Coins (at least for now) are the hardest thing to get consistently in this game, so the best thing u can do is get 2500 contribution points and turn them into 500k coins, also daily mission of gold suck, in hell mode u will get in avg 7950 coins by completing it for 18 ap, so it just sucks, another good way to get coins is making stages up to 21 stars and u will also get dismantle gear/gems on the run.


Leveling in this game is pretty straight forward, just play the game normally and when they are like 2 levels off to evolve, start farming daily missions with their respective element, and as i mentioned before, emmanielle with this event is like a free lvl 50, so if u just want a good character fast (it's not an end game character, cuz its from gacha, but early on will be pretty usefull, one of the best archers) go for it, youwill also get contribution points on the run (also if youfarm Chharodi on story 4 youwill get contribution points, thats why most of the best players set up now is Emmanielle + Chharodi and something else).


Search a league to get friends, ask for help to other players, and gain league points, best thing u can buy with league points is stalwart / bladed set box, Naladia / Elnora / Trisha shards (and shards of their weapons).

Tower of Trials

So, the best thing you can do here is just counter elements and have Emmanielle (cause her spell heals your team a lot).

Also Claire is good if u just want to get a team heal and then swap.


Just counter elements in your formation and that's it.


  • Buy bladed / stalward set from league shop / raid shop / trial shop / competition shop
  • Buy almost everything that is worth gold and it's cheap.
  • Cuz of the gacha event, if you have a lot of gold (cuz of the contribution points 500k gold) u can also have the luxury to buy once.
  • 10 times normal gacha scroll, u will get shards from Naladia / Trisha / Elnora (which probably will be yourmain chars) their weapons and 50 contribution points (also never use normal scroll in small amount, always do 10).

Written by Mtc.