Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – How to Defeat the Oggo Bogdo (Useful Tips)

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Tips on defeating the first real fight of the game.

Defeat the Oggo Bogdo

When to Fight

You can choose to fight the Oggo Bogdo fairly early, and if you want the challenge go ahead! If you’d rather be more prepared than wait until you’ve gained the ability to wall run.

Getting the Drop

Once you’re learned how to wallrun, return to the meditation circle near the locked door after you first find BD-1. To the right of the door is a path along some pipes that would lead you to the Ogggo Bogdo.

Ignore those, instead keep looking to the right and you’ll see an area you can wall run to some vines. Follow the path up the vines and you’ll reach a plateau with some holes down to hte Bogdo’s lair.

Be careful not to fall in, and navigate to the rear of the plateau. Looking down the hole you should see the big toad below… just waiting for you to strike.

Stand near the edge, lock-onto the beast… and jump on-top of it.

Midair you should see an attack promp (‘X’ if you’re using an Xbox Controller)

Press the button when prompted to complete a surprise attack for a good chunk of damage.

When to Attack, When to Parry and When to Dodge

After getting the drop on him you’ll want to keep up the pressure.

He will turn and attack you right away, so just hold block and get some space.

The key to an easy fight is knowing when to parry, attack and dodge.


Your best bet is to stay close and bait his basic attack. What you’re looking for is him to rear back and do a gnawing attack at you. His head will come back, jaw open, then he’ll come in for the bite.

You want to parry this attack. If you’re playing on Gradmaster Jedi difficulty it may take you some tries to get the timing down. Once you get the parry off once or twice though, you’re set!


Don’t get greedy! After the parry go for two or three light attacks or a heavy attack at most. Keep the pressure with parry’s and attacks and he’ll go down pretty fast – just watch out for red attacks.


Red attacks will ruin your day. On the hardest difficulty it’s a one-shot. On lower difficulties you’ll need those heals.

There’s three types of red attacks that he’ll use. Lunge, Slam and Tongue-lash.


My least favourite, the lunge attack has a long windup where it leans back then does a long lunging leap at you. There’s a decent wind-up so panicking and dodging too early will punish you. When you see him turn red back off to get some distance and wait for him to start his lunge, then dodge-roll to either side.


The slam attack will almost always happen after a parry. It’s very simple to dodge, as soon as he goes red just dodge-step backwards to get some space, then get back into his face to prepare for the parry.

Tongue Attack

The easiest to punish, the Bodgo will pull it’s head back then lash forward with a tongue attack. Keep an eye out for it and keep strafing to dodge the tongue. You can use force slow to attack the tongue when it’s extended to cut it off. Don’t get greedy though; this is also a good opening to heal if you need it.

Other Tips to Stay Alive

Some bonus tips that might help your fight:

Healing: The Bogdo puts out a tonne of damage and can close the gap very quickly. If you’re health drops to dangerous levels, don’t panic! Try to dodge-roll to the left or right and keep cognizant of your surroundings.

Because healing puts you at risk for counterattack, try and bait a chain of attacks or a red attack and heal during the pause. It may seem counter intuitive, but trying to heal when he’s still prime for an attack will likely leave you staring at a loading screen.

No-Stagger: Keep in mind that your attacks do not stagger, and it’s attacks will punch through yours. Don’t try to trade blows, adopt a guerrilla-warfare approach. Close the gap, parry, quick attacks, dodge away. Rinse & repeat.

Dash Attack: One of your early lightsaber-skill-tree skills will allow you to hold heavy attack to do a quick dash forward and strike. This is a great way to close the gap if you feel you’ve gotten too far away to set-up a parry. Just keep in mind there’s quite a bit or risk involved as he can attack through your dash or swing.

Use the Force: While not necessary, force slow will save your ♥♥♥ in a pinch. Find yourself pushed against a wall? Force slow. Mistimed your dodge? Force slow. Want to go for that extra attack? Force slow. Watch your force bar though.

Jump Dodge: So, just in case you didn’t know. You can do a dope-af jump dodge when locked onto an enemy. It looks cool and gives you some extra maneuverability; it’s really cool.

Don’t use it here.

The distance is shorter than the dodge roll and keeps you in his hit-box during the lunge attack. There’s very few instances where the jump-dodge is better than the dodge-roll in this fight.

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