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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - Beginner Combat Tips

Written by nfshrk   /   Nov 19, 2019    

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This guide complains how to make combat easy in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.


There are four types of difficulty levels:

  • Story Mode, (Easy).
  • Jedi Knight, (Normal).
  • Jedi Master, (Hard).
  • Jedi Grandmaster (Very Hard).

Starwars Jedi fallen order combat system is heavily borrowed from the games like Dark souls and Sekiro shadow die twice. So basically if you played these games i mentioned before you will be familiar with Combat. Else understand this basic rule first no matter what ever the difficulty you play this game it won't increase or decrease the Enemies health. That stays always same. Even in the easy difficulty or the very Hard.

So how to finally Understand the Combat and be the Jedi Grand master that you always wanted.

Get Started

First Understand Your Game Basic Concepts

Its all about Parry Timing

Just like the other games which i have mentioned the combat system is all about the timing of your Parry from the Enemies.

Note: Just with a great timing of Parry doesn't mean that you learned. Even for the successful Parry Timing you also need to focus on the button that you press in the same time. Press only once the button for parry. (IMP) beacuse Even if you have the perfect timing and if you press twice or more than that it will fail.


This game can be frustrating and challenging in many times if you play on higher difficulty beacuse of that just by Parrying your Enemies don't always work. There are certain Enemy overpowered attacks which we won't able to Parry. So you must understand the perfect timing to dodge the attacks too. Just like Parrying Enemies Dodge also need a good timing along with only one button click per action. Else it will just like Parrying.

Use the Force

Using force ability mix with your combat is your best chance of survival. Use Force slow . Push pull all these ability mix with your combat. It can be challenging when you fight against a group of stormtroopers. Using the force abilities right time can be your go on thing.

Light saber

You probably know this from the start still keep this in mind. There are two types of light saber variation which available in the game. One your Single wield default light saber other Dual wield light saber.

Use Dual wield light saber only when fight against group. With single Enemies its not very effective. Left everytime your default saber is your companion.

Written by nfshrk.