Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Virus Outbreak Map Guide (Single Player in Operation Shattered Web)

This guide explains how to play the Virus Outbreak (coop_kasbah) map released in Operation Shattered Web in Single Player.

Before Starting

We will be using developer console to load, play, and bypass the co-op restrictions to work for Single Player.

This guide requires sv_cheats 1 to be enabled. This means that completing the mission will not earn rewards for your Operation Shattered Web missions. Also understand that the enemies are balanced for two players, and challenge will naturally be harsh. If you simply want to reach the end of the map, enter buddha into your console to prevent yourself from dying. Repeat the command to disable it.

Loading In

We begin at the main menu. Enter sv_cheats 1 to enable server side cheats. We need this to control a few settings.

To load the map, copy and paste this following line to your console:

“map coop_kasbah; game_type 4; game_mode 1”

This loads the map with co-op settings needed for it to work.

Once you are loaded in, type “mp_warmup_end” to start the match immediately.

With our cheats enabled, we can interact with some settings previously not possible, and we will be using a debug mode graciously added. Enter the following command:

“ent_fire debug_relay”

This allows us to play Single Player with no fuss. If we do not enter this command, we cannot depart from the starting area without a partner.

Co-op Buttons

During the mission, there are two sets of co-op buttons that are intended for two players to proceed. We can bypass this by activating both buttons via a console command. Use the following commands when you have cleared the area before these doors.

1. Lab Co-op Buttons

“ent_fire InstanceAuto115-leftbutton.func press; ent_fire InstanceAuto115-rightbutton.func press”

2. Cellar Co-op Buttons

“ent_fire InstanceAuto85-rightbutton.func press; ent_fire InstanceAuto85-leftbutton.func press”

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