Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – How to Play Danger Zone to Complete the Heavy Weapon Mission (Shattered Web)

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One of the Operation Shattered Web missions is to get 5 heavy weapon kills in Danger Zone. This guide is to help those players who haven’t played Danger Zone accomplish this mission.


  • Find a partner – either from your friends list, “looking for” or select the “random partner” option. Having a teammate means you will have a chance to respawn if you die. A respawn timer starts when you die (it gets longer each time you die) and when the timer ends if your partner is still alive (and redeployment is still active) you will be able to chose a new drop location and continue playing (although you’ll need to find new equipment too).
  • Spend your time during the warm up familarizing yourself with your tablet map. Open your tablet (TAB key by default) and note how some hexes are yellow indicating they contain a player (or a diversion device).
  • Pick a spot to land. I recommend waiting so you can see where other players are landing and pick a hex away from other players. But don’t delay and let the timer expire or you will be dropped in a random location. Note: You can’t pick a landing location immediately next to another player, even your partner.
  • Pick the Taser as your deployment perk so you can open the shotgun crate when you find it. Note: This may not be the best perk when playing Danger Zone normally.
  • As you fast-rope down, look down and around. What you are looking for are large rectangular red crates. (Tall ones, more than a foot high, have shotguns. Flat ones, less than a foot high, have SMGs.) If you see one you can try to swing towards it, but don’t be surprised when the rope swings you back. Also look for small red boxes – they contain pistols.
  • After you hit the ground, open your tablet and look for the red rectangle – this is the closest SMG / shotgun crate. Head towards it or any other crate or red box you saw on the way down.
  • Open square boxes by puching them (select fist by cycling 3). Open SMG / shotgun crates with your Zeus (it recharges). Pick up anything else you find lying on the ground. Note: ammo boxes can only be used (E key by default) if you have a gun. And once loaded the bullets are weapon specific.
  • After you find a shotgun, open the Buy menu (B by default) and order Armor if you don’t have any yet. A drone will deliver it to you (in a box which tends to roll downhill).
  • Armed and armored, open your tablet and look for the closest yellow hex. This is your first target – happy hunting!
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