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Cowboy Zombie - Achievement Guide

Written by SmoketheRainbow   /   Nov 20, 2019    

A quick achievement guide that will also include some tips and tricks I picked up when going for 100% on this game.

General Tips and Tricks

In Game Symbols

If you are like me you may not recognize the different symbols they use during the game to signify multiplication and division. Do not fret, I have the pictures below to show you what they are.

Below is the division symbol " : " or a colon:

And here is the multiplication symbol " * " a star:

I also recommend using the store to buy the cowboy gear only. The other two do not help and yet the cowboy gear makes the hardest difficulty much easier.

Cowboy Hat

This allows you 3 extra seconds to answer.

Cowboy Vest

This gives you three extra wrong answers:

Cowboy Pants

This lets you skip three wrong answers (you get to remove them from the choices)

You can use the coins you gain from correct answers and increased play time to buy these outfits before each attempt. I highly recommend using them for these because you can't really use the coins for much else in the game.

Remember that if its a really really really small fraction being added it wont make the number much bigger, and if its multiplied by a small fraction the number gets really small.

Also Order Of Operartions Is Very Important: Parenthesis, Exponent, Multiply, Divide, Add, Subtract.

Cheater Method

If you are really struggling with the mental math you can get away with pausing and taking a screenshot/picture of the screen, solving the math problem on paper or on your phone, and click the correct answer.

1 Run

This achievement is simply gained by opening the game, you honestly just need to run it one time and you unlock it.


This achievement is achieved by unlocking the medium difficulty, it should be about level 6 (thats when I unlocked it at least). If I counted correctly it was about 20 questions on the easiest difficulty +/- a few.


This one takes some time to unlock, but same as the medium you just need to unlock the next difficulty. Approximately level 10 is when I unlocked it.


This one is the final level, and unlocked after reaching level 12/13 on Hard difficulty. When you hit that level, there will be a few more levels to unlock on the hardest difficulty. I recommend checking on the tips and tricks section if you are struggling with the hardest difficulty. It can be challenging.

50 Consecutive

This achievement frustrated me a little bit, as I counted fifty right on Easy and Medium a couple of times. I finally did some digging int he game itself and found a spot where they listed in game achievements which coincidentally align with achievements (to an extent) and discovered that you need to achieve 50 consecutively on the 3rd level (Hard) in order to unlock this achievement. Again this one did not pop up on my screen initially but after exiting the game I found the achievement to be unlocked.

100 Correct

This one is an in game achievement as well, and it lets you track the number of questions you have gotten correct in the game menu. Otherwise it is simply getting 100 questions correct, and then you will have unlocked this achievement.

100 Wrong

This one is an in game achievement as well, and it lets you track the number of questions you have gotten incorrect in the game menu. Otherwise it is simply getting 100 questions wrong, and then you will have unlocked this achievement.

Note: you will have to lose levels quite a few times in order to gain this achievement. I recommend just clicking through about 17 times in order to unlock this achievement, your zombie body can take six wrong answers before you lose. Unless you have unlocked the equipment then you can just do it 12 times and you will have reached your goal.


Just like it sounds, you need to beat the hardest difficulty. It only took me twenty minutes straight of trying it, but it is quite a challenge to complete this. You need to reach level 15 in order to accomplish this, it was something like 50 questions in a row.

Game:   Cowboy Zombie
Written by SmoketheRainbow.