Shenmue 3 – Controls Guide (PS4)

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Controls for Shenmue 3 are the input methods for the player to interact with the game. Below you can find information on input methods for PS4.

Memo Pad

Your story is recorded here. Check the memo pad when you are lost!

  • L2 Button: Switch Requests
  • D-Pad UP: Select Tab
  • D-Pad Left/Right: Turn Page
  • R Button: Goal
  • Square: Go to the beggining of the tab
  • Circle: Cancle
  • X: Go to the end of the tab


Hold the L2 button to look for areas to collect items.

  • L2 Button: Zoom
  • D-Pad: Change Lock-On
  • Circle: Back
  • X: Collect


Talk to as many people as you can!

  • D-Pad: Confirm Selection
  • L3 Button: Switch between characters when there are multiple speakers.
  • Square: Skip talk
  • Circle: Cancel selection
  • X: Talk

Character Controls

If you run while your health is in the yellow your health will deplete quickly and you won’t be able to run.

  • L2 Button: Zoom
  • Left Stick: Move
  • L3 Button: Switch between characters when there are multiple speakers.
  • R2: Run
  • R1: Inventory
  • Triangle: Help
  • Square: Memo Pad
  • Right Stick: Camera
  • R3 Button: Reset camera

Lucky Hit

Land on bulls-eye to win.

  • Left D-Pad: Select Machine / Drop Spot
  • Down D-Pad: Look at Machine
  • Circle: Cancel
  • X: Confirm

Jump System

Moves you to target location and time. You can choose when to activate it.

  • D-Pad: Select destination – Jump
  • Triangle: Move


Hold the L2 button and look for curious spots to check out.

  • L2 Button: Zoom
  • D-Pad: Change Lock-On
  • Left Stick: Move
  • Right Stick: Survey
  • Circle: Back
  • X: Look – Grab/Move – Acquire

Spar / Match

Controls used while Sparring.

  • L2 Button: Block (Battle)
  • L1 – R1 Buttons: Select Assigned Skill
  • R2 Button: Activate Selected Skill (Battle)
  • Left Stick: Move
  • Right Stick: Change Target
  • Circle – Triangle – Square – X: Battle Commands


Catch a big one! Earn more yuan! Show me the money! Fishing gear will be returned to tackle shops when you’re done fishing. They’ll also buy any fish you catch. Gear is sometimes returned if an event occurs during the rental period.

  • Left Stick: Select/Spot Operate Rod
  • Right Stick: Reel
  • Circle: Cancel
  • X: Cast

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