Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – New Cache Smokes Guide (Video + Screenshots)

In this guide I will show you 15 smokes for New DE_CACHE

Video with All 15 Smokes

Under I made screenshots of basic Smokes from this video

Mid Smoke (ct)

A-Main Smoke (ct)

B Ct Smoke (t)

Connector Smoke (t)

Run and throw with a Jumpthrow Bind:

Jumpthrow Bind → Bind “key” “+jump;-attack;jump”

B-Main entrance (t)

Run and throw

Back Site (t)

Ct Smoke in Motion (t)

Run until you will reach a red dot on the floor (watch video, if you don`t understand how to throw it)

Heaven (t)

Move until your crosshair will be reached a red dot

Entrance From Heaven (ct)

A Cross (t)

Run and Throw

Balcony (t)

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