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Shenmue 3 - Fishing Guide

Nov 25, 2019    

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Fishing is a great way to earn money in Shenmue 3. Players will be able to fish at fishing spots and will get paid at the end of their fishing session.

Acquiring a Fishing Rod

In order to start fishing in Shenmue 3 you will first need a Fishing Rod. You will be able to acquire your first rod after completing the firsts events of the game and venturing a behind the Village Square. Here you will find Huang's Tackle where you can rent a fishing rod.

Talk to Huang and rent one of his rods by using Yuan. Rods have different qualities, you will be able to acquire better fish with a better quality rod.

Rods are rented for either 1 fishing session or until the end of the day (whatever happens first). This means that when you go to a fishing spot and start fishing you will return the rod as soon as you finish fishing and all the fish that you get will be automatically sold. Make sure that you will be fishing for a while to ensure you will get your money back.

Using the Fishing Rod

Once you rent a fishing rod you can travel to one of the many Fishing Spots located around the map. You can identify them by a distinctive sign spots. Some fishing spots are locked and you will have to complete certain Quests to unlock them. It's important to note that even if you find the fishing spot it will remain locked until you finish the related Quest.

To start fishing, walk near the water and select FISH. Aim to where you want to cast the line and then Press the Cast button to throw it.

A small window will appear on the right part of the screen where you can see the line being dragged and the fish underneath the water.

Use the Reel button to move the line until a fish is captured. At this point, the window on the right will change and you will see a small road and the fish you are currently trying to capture. As you move the reel the fish will get closer to your location.

To capture the fish you need to pay attention to the arrows shown on the screen marking left or right. Move your rod on the marked direction while you keep reeling until you capture the fish.

Once the fish is in your possession you will see it's name, size and weight. When you finish your fishing session all the fish you have captured will be automatically sold and your Fishing Rod will be returned.

Game:   Shenmue 3