Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition – How to Obtain All the Difficulty Achievements (Easy Method)

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This is a very easy way to get the achievements for beating difficult AIs without actually doing so. I recommend to use this, if you are not that good at the game but seek to achieve 100% on it.

Setting Up

Set up a game, pick your civilization and set the game size to 2 players. Select the AI difficulty and add in one AI. Then put both yourself and the AI in one Team and start the game. To make sure nothing bad happens, select the option that prevents anyone from breaking up their alliance.

The Game

Just play the game as you would normally do, but do not waste resources on military units, since you wont need them. Instead try to localize the relics and reach castle age as soon as possible.

Then you should get your hands on a couple of monks and collect the relics. You dont need every single one, but try to get the majority of them. The timer will start once all relics are captured and you just have to wait for it to end.


Once the 200 years are over, you win and the desired achievement should unlock.

Congratulations for using a glorious exploit, wonder if they’ll fix it.

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