Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Fixing Shattered Web High Latency

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A maybe useful way to fix constant, high latency on official servers after the Shattered Web update.

Does This Apply to Me?

The problem that occurs (for me at least) after the Shattered Web operation update is that my ping (which is consistently around 30ms) skyrockets to around 90->160ms and stays constant throughout my time in the game regardless of mode, map, anything.

You could be sitting there thinking “Ah yes, this is me”, but let’s just make sure first. This may apply to you if the following is true:

  • You generally had lower ping before the update.
  • Your connection to every game is pretty much the same and constant.
  • You are sure that your network has sufficient bandwidth to support whatever is going on and your game.
  • Your ping in other games/to other services is normal (e.g. Google).
  • Sometimes you can play CS:GO fine and other times when you start it you have a consistently high ping.

Quick note: I have seen some people in my games that have a similar ping to me and it is constant also. But I have never seen all of the players in a server with this issue.

If those things are true, you are probably a victim of this.

Why Does This Happen (My Hypothesis)

Skip if you just want a solution.

I am not a Valve employee, nor professional developer, but this is my guess as to how connections work.

Each region has a number of routing clusters which contain individual routing servers which act like NATs to connect players to servers. If you open the console while searching for a match, you will see something like this:

  • Refreshing ping measurements
  • ams: 303ms via direct route
  • atl: 245ms via direct route
  • bom: 174ms via sgp (front=123ms, back=51ms)
  • can: 152ms via canm (front=152ms, back=0ms)

That shows your (maybe average) ping to the cluster in that location. Then in each of these clusters there are individual NAT-like servers that handle player connections and traffic. So for example, in the syd (Sydney, Australia) cluster, you have a whole bunch of routing servers hidden behind a NAT:

  • syd#141 (
  • syd#155 (
  • syd#159 (

Note that is the NAT and each server is hidden behind it.

From what I have seen, depending on which routing server you get, your ping will affected by a constant amount if you have a bad connection (i.e. for whatever reason it takes way longer than usual). For example, this is some of the data I have collected while studying this.

Good connections:

  • Requesting session from syd#141 ( Ping = 26+0=26 (front+back=total).
  • Requesting session from syd#155 ( Ping = 27+0=27 (front+back=total).

Bad Connections:

  • Requesting session from syd#159 ( Ping = 83+0=83 (front+back=total).

Games from the same session after applying my fix on this routing server:

  • Requesting session from syd#159 ( Ping = 22+0=22 (front+back=total).
  • Requesting session from syd#159 ( Ping = 24+0=24 (front+back=total).
  • Requesting session from syd#159 ( Ping = 23+0=23 (front+back=total).

My Fix

This can be fixed in a few ways:

  • Restart your personal router/modem
  • Restart your PC
  • Get a new IP (quickest)

I have found that getting a new IP is the best (especially for competitive matches) because waiting for your router/PC to come back up is time-consuming and annoying.

Restarting your router/modem/PC is fairly self-explanatory and if getting a new IP doesn’t work then do one of those or send a very angry email to Valve and don’t play (lol).

Step 1

Windows: Open your command prompt.

Step 2

Release your IP and wait a second or two: ipconfig /release

Note: You will lose connection to the game and also lose any other connection you had open (e.g. YouTube, this guide…)

Step 3

Get a new IP: ipconfig /renew

Note: This will take 10 years longer than it should, after you type this open up another command prompt and ping Google or something you know will be up:

  • Google: ping
  • Google’s DNS: ping
  • Cloudflare’s DNS: ping

If you get replies back from one of these then you have won. If not… time to email Valve!

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