Planet Zoo – Maximum Profit or How to Win without Role Playing (Cheat)

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I enjoy the beautiful zoos other people make, but I can’t personally stand the thought of pretending to be an actual zoo keeper when I know I’m clearly not. This is a guide on how the mechanics actually work, and how to exploit them for maximum profit with minimum effort.

Staff Facilities

All credit goes to Will!

Staff facilities give an area debuff to the guests, this effect is purely 2D, anyone who walks in the area will loose happiness over time, this means two things:

  • Line of sight doesn’t matter, even if it’s just flat ground, the guests won’t see the facilities at all, and covering up these facilities don’t do jack sh!t either.
  • If you vertically stack your facilities, you can pack in more facilities without using up more space, but this causes the staff to have to walk longer which is probably not a good idea.

Therefore the most logical layout for a park is to just concentrate all your facilities in one spot, and put the habitats all around the cluster, with the habitat doors pointing straight at the cluster, this minimizes walking and facility space.

Again, nothing will actually hide the staff facilities, not even placing them under ground.

Facility Scenery

Scenery is in fact super simple, the computer obviously has no way to tell if your scenery is actually beautiful or not, instead, each scenery object has fixed amount of scenery points, and every one of these object within range of a building simply add up to give you the scenery building.

Here all i did was spam this sign 50 times and put it into one blueprint, each one of these signs give 2% scenery points, so I instantly have exactly 100% scenery for all buildings within a certain range.

  • You can download this blueprint here.

Ride scenery here works the same, except radius of influence originates from the start of the queue, rather than the actual entrance.

BTW the trick to a scam ride like this is to make a small loop with just two carts, you want to set the timing so that it just runs forever regardless of guest load, make both the min and max waiting time somewhere bwtween 20-30 seconds, depending on the size of the ride, just enough time for every guest to get off, and every guest to get on.

Ideally you can also adjust the length of the loop such that the first ride leaves the station at the exactly the right time for the second ride to come in and unload/load. This gives you the maximum guest flow rate and therefore maximum profit.

Guest Education

Here in this zoo I only have one panda habitat yet I am able to get 5-star education, how?

Basically the guests start at 0 education, each time they run into an education object, they gain some points, that’s all it is.

You could obviously do this the role play way, by having lots of habitats and have matching information boards at the corrects spots, but that’s very cumbersome. The habitat education boards and speakers must be within range of the correct habitat, and I believe each habitat can only give education point once. So to get max education, you need a sh!t load of habitats with lots of species, and that’s just very inefficient we don’t want that.

Luckily there’s one item that you can place anywhere, without having to build any habitats, it’s the conservation effort education board. Also since each board can be set to one of 10 different posters, they will each apply their own education points. In fact I believe if a guest read all 10, they can get max education just from that.

With a layout like this, a guest cannot read every board, they can only read every third board from my observation. This means you need at least three of these clusters to have a good chance of having everyone read almost all of them.

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