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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - Hidden Map Section Guide

Written by Gyrfalcon   /   Nov 26, 2019    

Looking for more? There's likely a nice section for you to play once you've finished the game.


If you've finished the game and are itching for more, there's an entire map section that might well have been planned as a DLC by EA and then Respawn probably pushed them to include it. *Thumbs up*

Completionists may have done this before finishing the game, but I'm thinking a lot of people won't have.


Go back to Zeffo, and head for the Crash Site section of the map. Then, go up the very large reactor structure in the middle of the map, and keep going up all the way to the top (if you need to neutralize some flying robots as you head up, you're going the right way).

You'll be able to enter the reactor, into the Venator Wreckage map. This is a fairly large map which feels like a small DLC, plus it has nice rewards.

There's also the Broken Wing map section to complete, in which you'll need to get past a serious Boss then move on to a small section with a puzzle etc. This one is reached by going up one level above the big nasty guy you see on your left when you reach the Crash Site map (not the one in the arena, the other one).

And if you care for Chests, there are many to be found in Crash Site which you won't have found the first time around.

As mentioned completionists might have done it already, but I'm putting this up for the people who may have moved on along the storyline.

Written by Gyrfalcon.