TEKKEN 7 – Lili Rochefort

Useful T7 Info:

Lili Rochefort

Difficulty – Easy

The French speaking (but not actually French) daddy’s girl makes another appearance. Lili is a bit of an extreme character. She has a very powerful but linear gameplan which suffers against those who sidestep. This is because overall her tracking is weak. Very few of her moves track and her homing moves either lack range or are slow. However to make up for this weakness, she has the best sidestep in the game allowing her to get around sequences that other characters can’t avoid. She can make the opponent hesitate and second guess their retaliation to her offense due to the threat of her stepping and forcing them to whiff. She has some of the best punishment in the game and high damage output. She excels at constantly applying + frames on her opponent with moves like df3 and qcf3+4 and thus making them freeze up and respect her ff4, a high damaging low. She can be an awkward character to pressure as she has plenty of options to crush the opponent’s attacks such as d3+4 which can go under some mids for a launch, a backswing blow, a move that goes airbourne fast and again her sidestep.


  • Best sidestep in the game.
  • Very strong punishment.
  • Strong wall carry.


  • Poor tracking and homing moves.
  • Lacks moves for keepout. 
  • Doesn’t have a fast CH launcher.

Recommended for players who like:

  • A “lockdown” type of character.
  • Utilizing the sidestepping game.

Written by Fergus!

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