From The Depths – How to Build a Ship

This tutorial will teach you how to build a starter ship that can be slightly effective.

Build a Ship

Step 1

You will need to build a middle beam how long you want your ship to be i have found a good length about 120 or so.

Step 2

Build ramp pieces out from the first block to how wide you want your ship to be.

Do this on the other side as well.

Join them up with blocks and fill the space that it makes.

Step 3

Place corner pieces under the ramp pieces and then build the inverted corner piece between that.

Place corner pieces under the inverted corners and then repeat until you reach the bottom.

Place ramps under the main beam so both sides join up.

It was at this point that i realised i should have told you to turn on symetry.

Do this on the other side length wise not width.

Step 4

Lastly you want to join up the corner pieces with with 1m ramp pieces.

You could also use diagonal cut pieces.

Fill the bottom with blocks.

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