Heroes & Generals – How to Make Loads of Money (Easiest Ways)

This guide will teach you how to get tonnes of money in Heroes and Generals so you don’t have to be broke all the time. The answer is easy.

Some Methods to Make Loads of Money

Play Your Highest Level Guy

Basically the higher rank you are the more money you make per hour of gameplay.

Nothing else to it.


To make money playing a tank you want to not die alot, if you’re gonna get bombed / ♥♥♥ then dont play a tank. If you’re not. Great, now snipe all the tanks, best example is on airfield in tiger II. 1 spawn 20 tank kills 3k xp, even better if you have someone to wrench you 24/7.

I advise you to not use too much HE, unless its for objectives. spam he in objectives if you’re confident about getting kills using it, you want to PTFO (play the ♥♥♥ing objective) as you get 50% extra money from a win.



  • Play objective, ♥♥♥ up tanks with spawned bazookas, be the initative dont wait for your team because your team are all bots tbh.
  • Play for objective.
  • Use assault rifle, e.g stg44, avs, johnson (or m1/m2 if u are a soyboy.
  • Use APC’s to get spawns, dont spam cars and bikes, just get an apc, hide it and if its a good spot you’ll be practically printing money by all the mobile spawns.


  • Use any nades.
  • Use any AT nades (after nerf theres bascially no point).
  • Don’t go AT rambo (unless you wanna just turn auto refill off and go balls deep and never use a zooka again).
  • Put mods on your weapons (stock assault rifles are the best).


If you’re playing a plane dont play anything that doesnt have a nose cannon, Me109 is useless, cant hit anything, the way i grind for my focke wolf is to play infantry and if we’re stomping in the air ill go me109 and start grinding by leeching kills etc, if not then i dont play planes, or if they have primarily heavy fighters ill go in a me109 and kill em all because they’re fat.

Written by Tomster

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