TEKKEN 7 – Ling Xiaoyu

Useful T7 Info:

Ling Xiaoyu

Difficulty – Medium

Ling is an okizeme monster. Although okizeme has been nerfed in Tekken 7, she still retains that aspect of her character. She has a strong poking game with tons of poke lows for various situations including hugely + hit, a ranged CH launcher and a heavy hitting low in her stance. Her stance Art Of Phoenix (AOP) allows her to evade a lot of moves and offense from your opponent reducing their moveset by a lot depending on the character. She’s a character for lab monsters. Her small hitbox along with her evasive stance can make her extremely hard to approach especially with her main mid poke going under highs. She has a very strong Rage Drive from Backturned stance that acts as a low launcher making her mixup game scarier than before. She does however have poor reach on her jabs as her limbs are short; meaning she can struggle to punish certain moves.


  • Strong poking game.
  • One of if not the best oki in T7 especially off throws. 
  • Ignores a lot of the opponents offense. 
  • A very easy and fast whiff punisher with huge range in df2,1. 
  • Strong CH game, upclose and from range. 
  • One of the best Rage Drives in the game


  • Small range on some of her pokes especially jabs. 
  • Can struggle to punish certain moves. 
  • Bad jab punish and crouching punishment is weak other than WS4. 

Recommended for players who like:

  • Playing around with setups and experimenting.
  • To freestyle with all the stance options Ling provides.
  • A very mobile character.

Written by Fergus!

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