Hollow Knight – Nightmare King Grimm Fight Guide (Tips and Tricks)

Having some problems with fighting Nightmare King Grimm? Not knowing, what you’re doing wrong? Well, here’s me – i will give you some usefull tips or just things, to keep in mind while fighting him. Some of the stuff may be very basic, but often, when you enter the fight – you’re forgetting everything.

How to Defeat Nightmare King Grimm


The ones i mention here are the charms, that helped me many times and i found really usefull for this fight, you can have other charms in mind, but i’m just giving simple examples of how I beat him)

  • Weaversong is a really usefull charm. You can get it in Deepnest but trust me, for this fight – it’s worth finding. It spawns 3 little, immortal spiders that will hit the enemy bit by bit and collect Soul.
  • Shape of Unn will help you heal while Grimm’s doing the Fire Fillar attack. It’s really important to “dance” with him in this fight!
  • Shaman stone increases your attack range and boosts your damage, so fighting Grimm would be a lot faster than doing it withouth it.
  • Grubsong helps with collecting soul. Trust me, you will get hit a lot in this fight, so having something that gives you even more soul is useful.
  • Unbreakable Heart. I know, it’s pretty hard to get since it’s so rich, but if you don’t have any unbreakable charms first, i reccomend you considering Heart one as the first one, it will help you a lot.

I wouldn’t reccomend you to use the crystal charm set (Quick Focus, Deep Focus), because there’s not much time to heal.


Basic tips for your mindset etc.

Don’t rush

Yeah, this may sound stupid but if you’re low with health or soul, just don’t rush and fight. It’s better to heal, not to use any spells.

Same with attacks – if you know, you’re not very good with one attack, don’t try to avoid it and hit Grimm – at the beggining, just try to avoid it.

Don’t think about his health

That’s what i caught myself thinking about. When Grimm turns into a Pufferfish and the background glows – it means he lost some percentage of his health, but try not to think about it and keep on dancing. Focus on Grimm, on what he’s doing, where he is.


Yeah, may sound stupid but you have to dance with him. Get used to his “tempo” and make that tempo yours. Dance with him, and don’t get hit!


Tips for his attacks, how to avoid them etc.

Fire Fillars

When Grimm’s doing the Fire Fillars attack (he stays in one place and creates Fire Fillars), don’t rush at him with all you’ve got. Keep yourself to the ground, don’t jump and move bit by bit until you reach him. Then, attack him with Abyssal Shriek or just simply, with a nail. Try to attack him there as much as you can, but if you know you can’t do it – just don’t.


This is the best opportunity to hit him. You have to jump at the first ones and then dash through the second ones and hit him. If you’re gonna have a good timing, you might actually hit him few times with a nail. But if you know, that you can’t do it, shoot a Vengeful Spirit at him. But remember, don’t dash at him while he’s doing the first bats – he will dissapear and make a pair of different flying bats and it will completely destroy your tactic!

Dash attack

One of the easiest to miss and one of the easiest to get hit with. He dashes with ultimate speed and leaves a fire path after him.

What you have to do? Choose a way you will dash to (let’s say, you will dash right) and face left. You have to face the opposite site to fool him, and let him dash there. Then, you just dash to your choosed direction.


Well, not much to say about them. Just don’t fall into them, stay in the safe place and DO NOT swing your nail if you don’t have steady body equipped.

Fireballs attack

This is the hardest attack, that i had the most trouble with. Grimm ,,dashes” into you with his hand opened (he can hit you then, watch out!) and shoots six fireballs from the sky. I would reccomend you, to not stay at the middle of the map but the same with his Dash attack – choose a side you will play on. Then, when he shoots move a LITTLE bit to the side. It all depends on what side are you playing. If it’s the right one, move to the right, if it’s the left one, move to the left. The last fireballs doesn’t have a big hitbox and they dissapear kind of sooner than the rest.

Watch out! He can skitter away from you, if you’re too close and you’re really opened for his “hand” attack.


When Grimm becomes a pufferfish, it means he lost some percentage of his health (20%, 50% or 75%). The total amount of this attack on the stage is 3, as there are three percentage points. You just have to jump, to not get hit by his smaller fireballs.


Remember to heal while he’s staggered into a flock of bats! It doesn’t matter if you just don’t have two masks – HEAL! You can loose more soon. Although, if you’re fine with health, you’re full (also Congrats), then just simply hit him.

Written by Amaterasu-kun

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