Paladins – Evie Character Guide (How to Play and Defeat)

In this guide I will show you how to play and defeat Evie. This guide is made out of my preference and experience that helped me win, it is entirely up to you whether you wish to follow or not respectively.

Playing and Defeating Evie

First Thing to Do

Whether you are new or still inexperience with Evie, take your time to look over what she can do, its important when you later use her in a match. I will explain about her moveset and what makes them useful.

Ice Staff

Her primary attack, she shoots out ice balls towards her enemies. It has a slow fire rate and doesnt move that fast, but it does massive damage, capable of killing most enemies in about 2-3 hits (excluding frontlines, though it does serious damage to them).

Ice Block

Her shield, she is invincible against any attacks towards her, even Ultimates. It is impossible for her to be harmed until she is released. Keep noted her move is temporary, and enemies will wait until she comes out. So react quickly the moment you release your Ice Block. Its also useful to keep them in bay when it comes to objectives or keeping enemies distracted by making them wait.


You have the ability to fly with your staff. You can fly anywhere and even outside of the arena if you wish. This is perfect for escape, especially if the enemies are on your tail. This is also useful for flanking if you want a easier passage to get through enemy lines without being detected. However, they can hear you and if they ever see you they can also shoot you down, so be careful when using it, and another thing to keep noted that its also temporary like Ice Block, so be sure you know where to land.


You have the ability to teleport, this can be used as means to escape as well. All you need to do is look exactly where you want to go, and activate Blink to reach there. Keep noted that its range is limited, so it cant really go far but its fair if you want to avoid getting shot by enemies. Its a good combo between Blink and Soar if you wish to escape. With a certain talent, you can use blink again to return back where you first activated it, but its temporary and if you take too long to use it, the cooldown will activate. Blink also has a trail when teleporting, so enemies may or may not know where you are depending on your play style with her.

Ice Storm

Evie’s Ultimate, while not very powerful its still handy to use to damage enemies and slow them down. This is a good combination with attacks from your teammate, making it easier for them to finish the enemies off. This can also be useful when chasing the enemies up ahead and using it to slow them down from progressing to the objective. But other than that, her Ultimate isnt really that special when it comes to killing enemies but still can be helpful.



A helpful talent for Evie when flanking. With this, you have more ways of using Blink. You can use Blink to teleport towards enemies and attack them quickly, and hopefully killing them in the process or at least do some damage. Then use Blink again to get back. You can also use Blink to teleport while fighting to trick them, keep noted that Blink leaves a trail so they’ll know where you go, but you can teleport back quickly to confuse them. Keep noted that after you use Blink (whether once or twice), the cooldown will start, so make sure whatever you plan on using Blink is worth it.

My Loadouts

Here are the loadouts I use when I am in the game that helped me win. I will explain what they do.


All of your current cooldown reduces after you kill an enemy. Theres really nothing more to explain on how very useful it is, just make sure you kill the enemy, it will help you start using other moves. A perfect way to escape after the kill.

Great Distance

Useful card when it comes to escaping, it increases the duration of your Soar. Which means you can fly longer before times up. You can make use of it when it comes to diving into enemy lines as well.

Swift Switch

After Soar, you move faster for a moment. Its useful for attacking enemies after landing, but remember that it wont last long. It can be useful for escape as well, if you somehow still being chased by enemies, you can make use of your movement speed increase to run away, or use it to fight and make use of its mobility.


You get healed just by using Blink, simple. Useful when attempting to escape while being shot by enemies. Help you live a bit longer before dying, that small health can mean anything if teleporting right.

Cold Acclimation

Long story short, it reduces self harm, so you dont end up hurting yourself with your weapon as you fight.


Here I will explain the items I use for Evie, there will be 2 things I’ll be listing down below, Permanent and Optional. Permanent is when you use items every game, regardless of the teams you are facing. Optional is when you use items varies on the teams you are facing. Keep noted that it doesnt have to be in order and the list below are not ranked. They are listed because I used them before and helped. Just remember to leave a slot for permanent items if you havent get them yet. So here are the items I used so far.



Useful for mobility, especially when in cover and attacking enemies. Very effective even if by means running away as well. A perfect item for Evie’s Hit-and-Run technique.


Evie has low health, just like other Flanks. She can easily die if she takes too much hit. It takes about 2 enemies to easily kill her, even a certain enemy with a high damage attack can kill her in 1 or 2 hit. You can use this to help you retaliate easier without dying so quickly and take less damage. Keep noted that it does NOT help against explosives though, as its useful for direct hits.


Kill to Heal

This item is helpful for Evie. You kill an enemy (whether from yourself or assist kill), you get healed. Definitely useful for Evie since she has low health, gives her more of a fighting chance.

Master Rider

Useful for different things, Whether you want to reach some area first so you can push up towards enemies hopefully undetected so you can ambush them, or if you are killed and later respawned, you can quickly get back in to help.


Believe it or not, but I find Cauterize to be kinda pointless for Evie because of her flanking ability. All its needed is to kill a medic with her, leaving the medic’s team to be in danger. But no telling when the medic uses a ultimate that involves healing, or if the enemy team has a extra medic. So Cauterize isnt entirely pointless. I even sometimes use it when cases like this happen.

Anything I havent listen are either useless or have not used it yet. So far most items I used as listed are the ones I used it alot through the game. Even Cauterize at some point.

Playing as Evie

As Evie you want to focus on ambushing enemies. You want to attack enemies at areas where they are not around, so you can make your way around and attack them from behind. If they spotted you, make sure to find cover, and if you are taking too much hits or too many enemies paying attention to you, thats when you have to leave.

Evie is a hit-and-run character. You hit enemies, and make a run for it if caught. If you take too much hit, it can make it harder for you to escape, especially if they attempt to shoot you down while you escape. Ice Block is reliable in different ways. You can use it before dying so you can last longer, giving you time where to escape before the Ice Block wears off. You can use it while on the objective to buy time for your team to catch up, it can also be used to distract the enemies, forcing them to wait until you release the Ice Block. Remember to react quickly the moment you are off from Ice Block, willing or unwillingly. Blink is something you want to use often to ambush the enemies, and use it again to retreat, while holding on the Wormhole talent.

Blink can be useful without the wormhole talent (though keep it because no telling if you need it), where you can just simply run at the enemy and attack, use blink to escape, follow with soar. Evie has different combos when it comes to escaping, so keep in mind to make use of them. Her primary attack does alot of damage when doing direct hits, and as said it can take about 2-3 hits to kill an enemy. Frontlines are the only ones that can take it, but still suffer alot of damage. Aim well too because not only the fire rate is slow, but the ice ball itself is slow too when shooting. Close range makes it easier to hit them, but far range makes it safer and easier for you to escape.

Items like Nimble makes it easier for you to escape or charge against the enemy, while Haven helps take less damage from direct hits, easier for you to escape. So remember to choose wisely on the items I suggested, mainly optional anyways since permanent is something you always carry in the game, even if by means later in that game.

Fighting Against Evie

As I mentioned on previous sections, Evie is actually easy to kill just like the other flanks because of her health. Problem with her is she is also tricky, like other flanks as well. Her ice staff does serious damage and can easily kill anyone thats not a Frontline. Frontlines can take a fair amount of hits but can still get hurt alot from that damage. Thats why its important to be on guard when facing her, she can attack you from behind ally lines. She can also escape if you hit her too much, which is why you need to do alot of damage to her quickly before she consider escaping.

The moment she uses ice block, stop attacking. Its only a waste of time. Unless you are a user with alot of ammo, you can prefire her. Which will more than likely lead to her death after releasing her Ice Block if she has very low health. If Evie somehow survives and escapes, dont bother chasing her unless your team is able to handle their situation. Then go after her, but be careful. If she manage to escape, let her be and help your team. Watch for her blink, she will teleport and if she has wormhole talent, she can teleport back. Her trail reveals where she is teleporting to. But be quick because she’ll react after teleporting, whether by attacking or escaping.

Her Soar ability can easily be missed if you havent seen her yet, but at the same time easily spotted. If she uses it while you see her, you can shoot her down as she flies away, potentially killing her if damage her enough. Pay attention on where she is flying to, so you’ll know where she will be. On the other hand, if you are in a heated battle, just leave her be and focus on other enemies. Because with her escaping, she wont be able to support her team unless she happens to meet a medic somewhere else.

If you somehow manage to kill her quick enough, you wont have to worry about her for awhile. Just remember she has low health, so kill her quickly so you can focus on other enemies and the objective.


Evie is a really interesting Flank character, because some Flanks would just run in and attack enemies. Evie is one of the characters that can do that and having the option to just simply attack from the distance, easier for her to escape. Her reloading isnt that bad either. Just remember that Evie is a hit-and-run character, she can easily kill if she lands hits well enough.

Before You Play as Her

Remember to visit the Shooting Range at Training to test her out, and see if you are comfortable with her. I am fairly confident you will enjoy it because the loadouts is pretty useful. Only thing you need to worry mostly is getting use to her. Especially if you are new or inexperience with her. Just remember that the whole point of using her is to be tricky towards your enemies. I would strongly suggest checking the Shooting Range at this point so you can start off adapting her play style. She’s worth playing, just remember it varies on the team as she cant execute all the enemies herself.

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