Paladins – Furia Character Guide (How to Play and Defeat)

In this guide I will explain how I play and defeat Furia, whether you wish to follow it or not is entirely up to you respectively as this is just my preference that helped me win matches.

Playing and Defeating Furia

Before Starting

Here are Furia’s moveset, its important to look over on what it does if you are new to it. I’ll explain what is so useful on her movesets as well. She happens to be my favorite medic whenever everyone takes their roles and if no medics were chosen.

Pyre Blade

Her regular attack, it has a slow fire rate and does a fair amount of damage when you shoot. She has a meter which increases as you heal wounded teammates. When you fill that meter, your attack will get stronger. In fact, it shoots faster as you shoot. So remember to heal wounded teammates to help you actually fight.

Kindle Soul

Very powerful healing, and the cooldown isnt so bad. It should be noted however, it only heals one person rather than multiple like some champions. So choose wisely who to heal. Also beware of cauterize, it can weaken your healing.

Wings of Wrath

An evasive attack, you back away while shooting fireballs at your enemies, it also chases them. This is useful if you are under attack, you dont want fight close with the enemy.

Pyre Strike

A reliable attack that can go through walls and ceiling, it shoots a beam of light from above and travels forward, stuns any enemies that get caught into it.. With certain talent, you can use this on your team to heal or hurt your enemies more.


Furia’s ultimate, nothing special other than giving your team a buff. However, this only works on teams that are alive, wont work on those that are already dead and just spawned. It can be reliable to help give your team a push when they are fighting the enemies. My best advice is just use it whenever you can to help give your team a bit more of an advantage to defeat the enemies.

My Loadouts

Next I will be showing you my loadouts, these are the cards I use to help me win. Keep noted that it all varies on the teamwork, medic is just important to keep the team alive so you can assist them on pushing against the enemies.

Light of Dawn

Every time you use Kindle Soul on your ally, that ally gets a 50 health shield for a moment. Good to add something when they are in a middle of a fight, take less damage than usual.

Light Forge

Reliable card, reduces cooldown on Kindle Soul. Which means you can use it often to heal your ally. Just remember to fight also, you may be a healer but you are also a fighter too, balance it out between healing and fighting.

Stoke the Fire

Every time you hit a enemy with pyre strike you reduce your cooldown on it. Reliable but can also be risky since pyre strike can be easily dodged, but useful if it landed on the enemy.

Solar Flare

Useful for easier landing on enemies with pyre strike, it made pyre strike more wide, its also useful for landing on allies if using solar blessing talent.

Burning Oath

Reliable card just as Light Forge, every time you heal your ally with Kindle Soul, you get healing as well if you are wounded.

My Talent

Solar Blessing

Use Pyre Strike on your ally to heal them, I always use it no matter what because as a healer you must keep your team alive. Its important for tanks because it can heal them massively, in addition if the enemies use cauterize, you can support the tank with kindle soul along with attacking the enemies as well to put more pressure to them. As I explained with Pyre Strike, you can use it through walls and ceilings. Whether your ally is below, above, or through walls, you can use it on them no matter the situation as long as you are aiming next to them. You can still hurt your enemies with Pyre Strike too, and can be dangerous against enemies because the Pyre Strike WILL stop on your team to heal and if the enemy happens to come across it, they will take alot of hit, similar behavior to Exterminate talent.


Here are the list of items I use for Furia, there will be listed “permanent” and “optional”, keep noted that “optional” does not its not important, it means that it varies on the enemies you are facing. “Permanent” is something you want to always equip in every game. However it does not have to be in order, and even if its permanent, you can always equip it later as long as you have the available slot for those items. Just remember to save some for permanent because they are important for your survival, so here are the lists.


Mobility is important for Furia for many reasons. Whether to chase the enemy, run away from the enemy, or chase your team to heal or support them on their fight.


Perfect against enemies attacking you directly, gives you more time to retaliate whether by retreating or fighting. I recommend using this with your Wings of Wrath to give you a chance to escape. It does NOT help against explosives so keep that in mind.



For obvious reasons, no telling when enemies have a healer that will ruin your fight against a certain enemy that would also ruin your chance of winning. Though considering you might be focusing more on healing your team than fighting the enemy, it may or may not be THAT important. But I usually hold on to it on available slot in case if I really do need it, rather than filling up all my slots quickly. Its important to be decisive. It can also help assist your team when attacking the enemy thats being healed too, so that pushes more reasons to get it.

Master Rider

I usually avoid getting this unless I do have a available slot for it, it can be useful if you are far behind from your team and need to catch up quicker. You can use this to help catch up to your team quicker to support them, especially healing.

Kill to Heal

Even a healer needs healing, kill an enemy to get healed. Helps improve your survival, a good mix with Haven to help reinforce it when fighting another enemy, a reminder that Haven does not help against enemies using explosives.

Anything I dont mention is either not useful or I havent done it yet. So far I dont use much of items for Furia since I usually upgrade those suggested items and they would help me win.

Although I like to point out that Rejuvenate is VERY reliable for your team to have to combat against Cauterize, making it easier for Furia to heal, and while it cant beat Cauterize at its best, its still better than not having one. Though I prefer Frontlines to have Rejuvenate because their role is very important when it comes to objectives, and the medic must be there for them in order to help them get the objective. But REMEMBER, your other teams are also important too, they need healing so they can fight back, so heal them if you happen to see them.

Playing as Furia

With everything I suggested, if you follow along. You want to read this because its important as a role of a medic.

As Furia you need to stay close to your team, while your main focus is the frontline to stay alive so they can capture the objective, your other team isnt less important because their roles can make a difference if you keep them alive too. Furia can be sometimes challenging to play as because you have to fight and heal at the same time. You have to watch both the enemies where they are so you can fight while at the same time watch for your team if they hurt, heal them right away if they are hurt.

Healing your team is usually your main focus, but fight enemies is almost as important too, you want to deliver damage on them so you can either kill them or force them to retreat. Killing enemies isnt your top priority, healing your team is. With the talent I suggested, you can make use on both Kindle Soul and Pyre Strike as both can heal your team.

Its also important to balance out between healing and fighting, medics are also fighters too. While Furia isnt as strong as other fighters since their roles usually do more damage than her, she can fend for herself if needed, and considering you’ll heal your team often would lead to filling up her meter quickly so she can bring out her true power on her regular attack.

Wings of Wrath will always be important to use as a evasive attack, you can use this as means to escape along with attacking the enemies. Keep noted when using it, you will fly backwards and ONLY backwards. So if you intend to fly to the side, just turn Furia at the opposite where you are about to move and use WIngs of Wrath to quickly fly to the side you want to be at. Its prefect for recovery as well.

Fighting Against Furia

Furia isnt really that hard to beat but you can get beaten if you get caught by some of her attacks. With mobility you can avoid most of Furia’s attacks. Her Wings of Wrath is fairly fast, but can be dodged if your champion is fast enough to move. If you run forward to the side fast enough you can get past it, which will disappear, just remember also it chases you as well. You can always take cover too, which can make it disappear.

Her Pyre Strike is very easy to dodge, but very punishable if you get caught into it as it can stun you and depending on the talent, if used Exterminate, can punish you further as it will stop if it lands on you which will constantly damage you. Be on your guard when she uses it because it CAN go through walls and ceilings and even floors (if you are below her), so no matter the position she CAN use it on you as long as she has the range to shoot towards you. Which leads to being stunned and taking damage.

Attacking her directly would be a problem for Furia, especially in close range. Hunting down Furia would be a problem for her team. But remember that depending on the team, they can be good enough even without Furia, so you’ll have to think with tactics carefully.

Also, always get Cauterize when facing Furia, her healing is ridiculous. If she has solar blessing, then the enemy team (especially her frontline) will easily get healed and will handle against overwhelming enemies momentarily if Pyre Strike is landed on them as long as they stay within radius of Pyre Strike. WIth Cauterize, it makes it harder for Furia to heal her teams, especially with Solar Blessing. Though watch out for enemy teams using rejuvenate to support her healing abilities, and while its not as powerful as Cauterize it can still heal them more, not having Cauterize while the enemy team uses Rejuvenate would be a huge mistake on your choice. With or without Rejuvenate, at the end its still important to get Cauterize to fight against her healing abilities, so always get it.


Furia in my opinion, is the “True Medic” out of all Medic champions I’ve known so far and probably easier to use. Though she’s not just easy to use, but also difficult to master because you really need to balance out between healing and fighting. Her healing abilities really does work comparing to the other medic champions. The only issue with her is that her healing ability is mostly use directly on one champion rather than multiple unlike others, and her Pyre Strike does not heal her teammates unless if you use the talent “Solar Blessing” which is proven to be heavily reliable as a healer. Which is why I favor Furia as my character for medic. Just remember as Furia never run off alone and stick with your team, running off along as a medic is too risky because no telling when your team needs healing. Nimble will help you easier to chase your team to heal.

As for her Pyre Strike, if you want a better chance to heal your team with it you might as well do close range, far range can be risky but by any chance if you feel you wont make it, just use it. Remember you can use it through objects, no matter the position as well whether they are above, below, or behind objects, even walls. Its usually your last chance to save your team from dying and if landed it can potentially lead to a big difference depending on the teamwork.

Just remember to be wise when using Furia, thats all its needed to help strengthen your team.

Before You Play as Her

Go to training and click shooting range so you can see for yourself whether you are comfortable on what you have or not. Whether you want to keep it, tweak on the few things, or just not use her at all, its entirely up to you. This guide was meant to help point you to the direction where you need to be in order to win. If you know any other ideas that will help you win the match, by all means do it. Whats important is not only if you are comfortable, but if its capable of helping you win.

If you feel unsure, you can always just follow my guide and keep playing as her. Sometimes you’ll just need more time playing as her in order to understand.

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