TEKKEN 7 – Yoshimitsu

Useful T7 Info:


Difficulty – Advanced

Yoshi is a pretty unorthodox character. He relies on the player’s creativity to get openings with his unique tools, as a result he can be defined as a pretty freestyle character. He doesn’t have many solid tools to work with in terms of poking and such; so he has tons of situational moves and thrives on creating unusual situations with them. He has a plethora of unblockables and stances in his arsenal and it is up to the player to find moments to sneak them in. His most infamous one is his sword sweep unblockable which grants a combo and can be landed guaranteed in specific situations. He has a move 1+4 (Flash) which is a i6 launcher in one stance and i8 in another. This move can be used to both interrupt overly aggressive opponents as well as acting as a strong defensive punishment option against safe moves (-9 or less) assuming he is in range for it. Yoshi has a lot of unique tools that gives him unique movement and evasion, allowing him to escape some specific situations where most other characters wouldn’t be able to. He is unique in the fact that he is able to take his own health away, giving him a better control of his rage activation. A steep learning curve in terms of knowledge is required with Yoshimitsu to make the most of his tools as his basic tools aren’t up to snuff with most other “normal” characters in the game. His combo damage is quite low so it’s encouraged to get creative with his unblockables and setups to make up for that.


  • Best set of unblockables.
  • Strong okizeme.
  • Ability to punish “safe” stuff.
  • Amazing panic move with flash.


His basic tools are weak.
Poor poking game.
Low damage output.

Recommended for players who like:

  • Unorthodox characters.
  • Setups.
  • Freestyling.

Written by Fergus!

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