Rainbow Six Siege – Glaz Character Guide

To poor to buy Kali? Learn how to kick ass with Glaz.

The Basics

All credit goes to Goo!

Glaz is a 2-speed 2-armor operator, and he’s part of the original cast. He’s been in the game since the very beginning. However, his design has completely changed more than once at this point, so it’s arguable he plays like a totally new operator that is worth learning “from scratch”.

I’m going to kick off this guide with one fundamental idea that I want you all to keep in mind, and that will help heaps understand how to play Glaz nowadays, and it is the following:

Glaz isn’t a sniper operator. Glaz’s gadget isn’t having a long range scope, and it isn’t his unique rifle. His actual gadget is being able to have two scope options at the same time. Glaz doesn’t have to pick between a 1x sight or an ACOG; and that is his true unique ability.

Now, that might not sound like much, but the gun he can do that with, his primary, is extremely useful when used in conjunction with that feature.

Here’s some things Glaz can do you don’t usually think аbout:

Glaz opens non-reinforced hatches the fastest out of any operator.

With his new fire-rate, he can bust open a hatch in half a second, without changing to a gadget (like Sledge or Maverick), without changing to a secondary (like Jackal or Gridlock), without wasting any utility, at ANY range, and from below if he wants (something you can use to kill people in-site with frags). He doesn’t have to un-scope, reload, or even pull the bolt like Kali does. He can just go.

Glaz opens barricades the fastest and safest out of any operator.

At any range, Glaz takes under a second to shoot any barricaded door or window open, and to do this, once again, it doesn’t take any utility (like Zofia or Ash), it doesn’t take much ammo (like Hibana or Twitch if they wanted to spray it open), and it doesn’t take reloading or un-ADSing to be ready for a defender to peek. You can shoot it open and be ready to kill anybody peeking the door or window instantly.

Glaz has one of the best limb-damage ratios in the game.

Even after some of the damage nerfs he’s seen, Glaz can still two shot defenders by shooting them on the feet from short distances (and at least really lower their health on 2 or 3 shoots from a range), making him very good at killing through drone holes; something not that uncommon on some maps (like Coastline).

Glaz has one of the best distance damage curves in the game.

A bit of a side-effect from being a “sniper guy” in his original design means his gun keeps the majority of it’s damage even at extreme distances, meaning he can still 3 shot injure a 3 armor at center of mass from 40 meters, which is something no other operator can, with ANY gun (not even something like a Blackbeard SR-25 has that good of a damage curve), the only exception being Kali’s rifle; which isn’t semi-automatic like Glaz’s.

He has frag grenades.

We’ll talk about those more in detail later on, but you already know frags are great on anybody.

Glaz vs Kali

Glaz and Kali are often compared as they’re are the “sniper rifle” operators of Siege; and people usually want to establish who is better than who in what situations, to justify both coexisting, not making each other redundant or obsolete. First and foremost, I’ll just say that both operators are vastly different. They play differently, and have different “roles” in a round. This section is dedicated to explaining what sets them apart:



  • Higher damage per second.
  • More reserve ammunition.
  • Less augment / zoom (actually a positive when we’re talking in-doors).
  • Frag grenades.
  • Faster walking speed.
  • Highlighter sight makes enemies easy to see in any situation (low contrast, camo, pixel peeks, dusty rooms after breaching, etc.)
  • Can see through Smoke’s Gas & regular Smoke clouds.
  • Strong secondary (PMM: High damage, fast reload, decent to good sights).
  • Can turn off his augment completely (down to 1x).
  • Can quickly open barricades and soft hatches without having to reload or change weapons.
  • Can’t be tricked by holograms as they don’t show up yellow in the scope.
  • Very high rate of fire on controllable recoil (even when scoped).
  • Easy to see if someone is sitting behind a deployable shield (bright yellow shines through the glass slits)
  • Can equip a suppressor (not really recommended but the possibility is there).
  • Russian.


  • No soft breaching for walls.
  • Little to no utility.
  • Countered by Jager & Wamai.
  • Russian.



  • Able to clear deployable shields, barbed wire, and other doorway heavy gadgets (like Gu mines, EDD traps, etc); very easily and very safely from a range.
  • Counters anti-hard breach gadgets such as Mute Jammers, Kaid’s Electroclaws & Bandit batteries with insulting ease.
  • Can quickly destroy Castle barricades.
  • Extreme range capabilities (situational but still).
  • High penetration factor (can injure through blind-wallbangs).
  • Most attractive operator by far.


  • Extremely slow ADS time; you must be scoped in order to fight back, if you get peeked, you’ll be dead by the time you are finished scoping from hip.
  • Slow bolt-action after each shot (miss during gunfight = death; hit a leg = they run away before you get your second shot in).
  • Too much zoom indoors (even with just the x5), tons of tunnel vision & blind spots.
  • Way harder to play and master than any other attacker.
  • Slow walking speed.
  • Fires tracing shots giving away your general position.

A huge difference between Glaz and Kali that is not really evident in their loadouts and roles is how they are played by attackers overall in terms of routes and positions. Attacking routes and objectives are something that set apart most operators and this is especially noticeable in high skill matches:

When attacking X site: Where does Thermite spawn? Where does he go first? Where does he go second? What’s his fundamental task? What’s his secondary task? Etc.

If you’re an experienced player you can replace “Thermite” with any other attacker and you’ll see how the answers for each of those questions change drastically. Blackbeard doesn’t follow the same “to-do list” as Thermite, Capitao doesn’t follow the same steps as Blitz, etc. Glaz and Kali do not share attacking routes whatsoever, and they don’t have the same set of objectives in a round.

There are many reasons why this is the case:

  • The difference in zoom augment encourages different approaches to bombsites.
  • Glaz has grenade-throws to set up, he sometimes has to side-line to in order to get a nade into an anchor spot, etc.
  • Glaz’s route is immediately affected by any kind of obstacle, while Kali can play a little more slowly and clear said obstacles using her gadget, while Glaz has the choice of pushing through them (through barbed wire often, or vaulting over a deployable, etc.) or re-route. You can also use frags as a last resort to clear shields and barbed wire but it’s generally risky peeking your head out with a cooking frag in your hand, and you only have 2; and sometimes even frags don’t destroy what you meant to since their destruction radius is rather poor.
  • Kali has to stay out in the exterior more often, having to deal with anti-breaching devices, watching over allies from a distance, etc.
  • Kali also has a claymore, this makes her more capable of sticking around some areas while Glaz must keep moving (unless they get an ally to claymore the spot). Example: Attacking Geisha from the south window while not having to worry about Bamboo runouts.

Being aware of this difference is rather make-or-break if you play a lot of Glaz and are trying to learn Kali, and possibly the other way around too. If you play Kali like you would Glaz you’ll certainly die and waste your utility, if you play Glaz like Kali you’re wasting an operator slot that could’ve gone towards team utility instead of raw fragging power, which you ended up not using.

If we were to summarize:

  • Kali = Big brain
  • Glaz = Big peepee

The Only Way to Play

As Glaz, your current loadout should be:

  • Rifle with Muzzle Brake & Reflex
  • PMM with Muzzle Brake & Laser
  • Frag Grenades

Black Ice on both weapons is optional but strongly recommended.

Let’s elaborate:

The primary rifle has overall very easy to control recoil compared to other semi-autos in the game. I’d say it is kinda close to a Dokkaebi DMR, but with the high damage and the highlighter scope. Muzzle Brake is your go-to here, the recenter time of the gun is rather good, so you’re just looking to reduce single-shot kick across the board, which will stack on itself when you’re firing fast.

On a lot of “spammy” DMRs I sometimes recommend Flash Hider; which a lot of people disagree with, since usually the common option for anything Semi-Auto is Muzzle Brake. However here and there the recoil curve of the gun makes it so you barely ever shoot 1-2 times with it per volley, and Flash Hider works more effectively with the 6-7-8 round volleys. NOT the case for Glaz though, go for the Muzzle here, it doesn’t matter how much or how fast you shoot, the Muzzle has a better effect on this gun in particular than the other options.

I also suggest Reflex over the other options (which include Red Dot, Holo, and Iron Sights); mind you these are the russian variants. Personally, I like the reflex the most since it’s the least obstructive reticle when viewed through the 2x scope, and also, since it has these clear horizontal lines, I can easily queue my eyes to correct for leaning angle when you lean-spam in CQB. Also for whatever reason I feel the green reticle clashes the least with highlighted enemies, making it easy to shoot small yellow blips (like when you find a head through a bullet hole) since the point-of-direction is the tip of a chevron instead of a big red dot.

Not much to say on the PMM. It’s a great pistol and as most handguns the ideal barrel is a Muzzle Brake. The laser is an optional addition I personally go for in this case; you see, the PMM has stellar hip-fire accuracy; and the laser builds on that making shooting with it hip-fire quite reliable.

“Why would I shoot hip-fire ever, though? Why not just aim?” I hear you, you’re mostly right, but on a very small handful of scenarios, such as when vaulting over a box, dropping from a hatch, rappelling, jumping over a staircase railing, or dropping prone, not ADSing helps you keep a wider FOV; and if you get unexpectedly peeked while during any of these actions, you generally don’t get time to ADS and adjust in time with how much your vision gets moved around due to the animation (e.g vaulting/climbing a rappel). With the laser, you get as much reliability as you can from a pistol.

For those of you who don’t like to equip ANY lasers because you’ve seen how easy it is to give yourself away with them on doorways and such, remember that you’ll be running your rifle out 99% of the time, and that you can’t even justify swapping to the pistol for less augment (as you would on other operators where you have an ACOG on); and the times you do have it out, it’s when either people already know your position, or it doesn’t matter giving it away:

  • When you run out of primary rounds mid-gunfight. (Pro Tip: Don’t miss so much.)
  • When you run out of all your primary ammo in the round. (Pro Tip: Stop using the rifle for wanton destruction and wasting your ammo.)
  • When you pull it out to walk around faster (like at the beginning of the round).

All things considered, it’s your choice (and it’s a fairly minor one in terms of the whole loadout), but whatever. I personally DO use the laser on, but that’s my preference and those were my reasons.

Even though with Shifting Tides the highlight scope got once again buffed, regaining its full highlighting capabilities even when moving full speed, it’s potential to see through smoke remains unchanged. To this, add the recent buffs to Warden, the prevalence of Nitro Cells, the overall presence of Maestro, Wamai’s Magnets, and how common deployable shields are in the current meta; and you’ll realize that basing your attack strategy on Smoke grenades and Smoke pushes, isn’t the most effective way to play Glaz.

Frag grenades on the other hand, while they are better suited to other operators (like Sledge and Buck) who have in-built soft-breaching capabilities allowing them to set up the throws, they are still the best throwable available on account of their versatility and just kill potential.

Any gunfight you can avoid by getting a cheap kill with a banked frag is straight profit to your team, with the least amount of risk.

Frags are also useful as non-lethal tools, though it’s more up to you if you decide to use them as such. They are helpful in dealing with:

  • Deployable shields / Goyo shields.
  • Evil Eyes.
  • Bandit Tricking.
  • People holding Miras (aight that one is lethal, but the point is that they help you counter the Mira window itself).
  • Barbed Wire in doorways (which usually also takes care of any doorway trap).
  • Opening hatches (though that is irrelevant here since you do that with your rifle).

Overall, I see myself using the frags a lot in rounds and netting kills quite often with them, but that’s mainly me having Sledge experience and not so much a plus for Glaz as an operator. However, for people more indifferent to the power of the frag, who see the Smoke as equally good in theory; I invite you to try them at least a few times and get some practice with them to see what you can achieve.

The smoke grenades are not bad at all, in fact, they’d still be a good throwable even if Glaz couldn’t see through the cloud whatsoever (see any other operator with Smokes; Gridlock, Montagne, etc.). Smoke Grenades are strong by themselves, but what I don’t wanna do is encourage people playing the “stand in smoke and try to kill through it” style of play with Glaz, because trust me: 1) You’ll get shot, 2) You’re wasting your potential of being a more mobile kill-focused operator.

If you suck with frags and rather use the smokes, I suggest you use them as you would on regular operators: To close a flank or line of sight, disencourage people from running through it; instead of using them in a manner that forces you to walk into it. Watch through them, not from them. They’re especially useful to set down on planted defusers to watch from afar, which is a perfect scenario really for Glaz, but happens rarely in actual matches.

Friends n’ Foes

In this section we go over some of best drafts to pick Glaz into. Operators that make Glaz just have an easier time in the round, or that increase your overall potential. I wanna note here that this guide is aimed at the general playerbase, and not a tippy top or competitive level where every pick matters into a draft and map (in which case Glaz has a hard time justifying his role on the team); the aim of this section is to let an up and coming Glaz player to realize what are his better allies overall; and his toughest matchups in the following “Foes” section.


Even though I recommend taking Frag grenades for yourself when playing Glaz, he still benefits greatly from friendly Smoke grenades, particularly around execute situations where your team wants to block out enemy lines of sight to plop down the defuser. In these scenarios, setting up in a relatively safe angle and staring down the smoke screens is very effective; and since the defenders haven’t been dealing with you smoke-watching earlier on the round, they generally don’t expect to be shot as soon as they peek the smokes to retake. In fact, if you execute from the exterior they might not even know the attacking team has a Glaz (if you haven’t been fired a round that is).

These aren’t all hard breachers but the ones that can make smaller, line of sight focused holes. As Glaz, you’ll be at an advantage at pretty much any kind of gunfight that relies on a weird angle or a small window to the enemy. Most defenders have 1x sights that get in the way then trying to spot a head from a really long distance and through gaps in walls, while for Glaz they’re a bright, easy to shoot banana-man.


Glaz doesn’t have any direct counters to his general playstyle, only to his different utility tools; the main one being seeing through smoke. Any defender that can contest you through smoke is a threat and a potential counter to Glaz; particularly Maestro, cause he’s able to ping you inside the smoke, making the rest of the team spray the smoke screen / throw impacts / nitros. Bulletproof cams also do the trick but they’re kinda barely used and get destroyed easily so they’re rarely a factor. Pulse and Warden can also see you inside the smoke and shoot / nitro you by themselves.

Jager & Wamai counter any projectile, so whether you have smokes or frags doesn’t matter; they’ll ruin your day either way, or at least slow you down. Glaz may not seem as a projectile based character (like Zofia for example) but in some situations where peeking with the rifle isn’t the best idea, and you’d have to rely on your throwable utility, they become a bigger obstacle.

These three thicc bois spell trouble when fragging mid-distance because they have the effective range to easily contest you in a gunfight. They have ACOG sights on automatic weapons, and they are 3 armored, meaning they take more shots to injure and kill with Glaz’s rifle than any other operator; particularly Rook, who seemingly tanks 5+ of your shots before going down at a range; and he’s returning fire the whole way. Echo is tricky too, not only because being Yokai drunk with Glaz’s scope is a real issue, but because he’s got the most damage, least recoil, and display no threat indicators; meaning he’s a force to be reckoned with at a range. Fortunately for you, he’s banned in three out of four matches. Kaid, Goyo and Vigil also have ACOG scopes of their own, but they aren’t half as scary as Echo, Rook and Doc given the guns they have them on aren’t automatic, and if it’s down to semi-autos, you’ll win every time. Be wary of Kaid though, he’s a three armor too.

Included but not limited to the mentioned operators, Glaz can struggle when fighting high RPM guns or shotguns when in close quarters. Basically, most of Glaz’s success comes from having a higher DPS than most operators, on a accurate gun; however, when in very close quarters, where accuracy and the scope aren’t as much of a factor, guns with high RPM and shotguns are preferable to slow firing semi-autos given their higher change to insta-kill on headshot (even accidentally) or straight up insta-kill on bodyshot (when talking shotguns). Smoke & Mute prove to be specially annoying when very up close (say under 12 feet – 4 meters) because they have both a pump shotgun (which WILL kill you in a single shot), and the highest RPM/DPS gun in the game, the Smg 11; meaning unless you get the first shot in, or get a gnarly CQB headshot, they’ll swiss-cheese you first. Ela, Alibi, Warden/Vigil with the Smg 12 all behave similarly in these scenarios.

When fighting them be extra aware of taking your flip-scope down, swapping to the PMM mid-fight in necessary, and using your frag grenades banking them off doorways and so on to avoid as many CQB risks as possible.

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