Halo: Reach – Club Errera Easter Egg Guide (New Alexandria Mission)

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How to Active Club Errera Easter Egg

On the mission New Alexandria, proceed until you are directed to Club Errera. Avoid the location for the meantime.

Fly to the hospital in the North East corner, visited earlier in the mission. On the South side of the largest building at an altitude of 360, you will find a green switch on the wall. Activate it.

If you return to the Club a Brute will be DJing, others will be tending the bar, and Grunts will be dancing. The song Never Surrender from Halo 2 is playing.

Atop the Club Errera building is another switch. It is located on the West side underneath a duct. This switch must be activated after the hospital switch.

If you return to the Club, the song Siege of Madrigal from Myth is playing.

Killing the Brutes will stop the music and turn the other Brutes hostile. Destroying the communications jammer will do likewise. If Siege of Madrigal is playing, the Grunts will continue dancing when the jammer is destroyed, but not if Never Surrender is playing.

Activating this Easter Eggs replaces the Hunters normally in this area with a squad of Grunts, making this Easter Egg useful for LASO campaign runs.

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