Banner of the Maid – All Achievements Guide

In this guide you can find info about all achievements and how to get it.

100% Achievement List

Story (Unmissable) Achievements

The following achievements are available upon completion of the game.

The name of the achievement corresponds to the name of each chapter.

Maid of Toulon

  • Complete Chapter II.

Cinderella in Military Boots

  • Complete Chapter VII.

Armoire de fer

  • Complete Chapter XII.

The Grey Battlefields

  • Complete Chapter XVIII.

The Maid Returns

  • Complete Chapter XXIII.

Lights Above Paris

  • Complete Chapter XXVIII.


  • Complete the Final Chapter.

Story-Specific Achievements

The following achievements are required to complete specific plot or side missions in the game to unlock.

Some achievements may have a tag: “Salon Achievement”. That means after fulfilling the conditions of achievement, you need to receive the achievement reward in the Salon to unlock the achievement.

Ecole Militaire

  • Learn an ability in the école Militaire in Paris.

After you gain 50 Reputation of the Feuillants, learn any ability in the école Militaire in Paris. Before that you should got “Advanced / Standard Report” first, which you can acquired from defeating bosses in most chapters.


  • Perform a Promotion for any character.

Click “Rank Up” in the force interface after any character reaches level 15. Rank up usually requires 1300+ funds and corresponding career badges, the latter can be bought in The Royalists.


  • Complete the Salon Achievement “Legion”.
  • Have 20 commanders in your army.

After Napoleon joined the army in the final chapter, you can get at least 18 characters, in addition:

According to the route, one of Desaix or his sister Antoinette have in the army.

Julie’s join conditions: After completing 3 of the following 4 conditions, go to the Ecole Militaire and she will join the army.

  1. In Chapter 10, choose “want to change the future”.
  2. In Chapter 10, Talk to her on the battlefield.
  3. Complete the Salon quest: Story of the Maid, Chapter III, then choose “let Julie keep it”.
  4. In Chapter 23 Salon quest: Choose “Is the help of Julie”.

Julie can join the army as early as Chapter 19 (i.e. complete the first three).

Thérèse join conditions: In Chapter 18, Thérèse survives the end of the battle.

Philipp’s join conditions: In Chapter 19, let Ernestine talk to him.

Leclerc join conditions: In Chapter 24, let Pauline or Aimée talk to him.

Rose’s join conditions: If complete 3 of the following 4 conditions, Rose will join the army after completing the Chapter 27:

1. In Chapter 6, choose “Ask for Rose”.

2-4. In Chapters 19, 23, and 27. Let Pauline talk to Rose before fighting for making The Relationship with Rose closer.

Earn 2 of these characters and this achievement will be unlocked.

Story of the Fool

  • Complete the Salon Achievement “Story of the Fool”.
  • Complete the quest “The Orphan”.

The Royalists Reputation reached to Level 3 before Chapter 28 ,then you can get the Salon quest “The Orphan”. And you will finish it automatically before the final chapter.

Other Story-Specific Achievements

This part achievements tell player about needing pay attention to all around the chapter, focus on each corner and find something different to collect.

Records of the Past

  • Complete the Salon Achievement “Records of the Past”.
  • Discover all secret journals of the Maid.

Discover all secret journals of the Maid, which means collecting 4 Maiden Diaries hidden in the game.

The diaries location is as following figure:

There are four diaries in total, which are Burnt Journal, Greasy Journal, Soaked Journal, and Broken Journal.

  • Chapter 8: Search at the Port Shark, and obtain: Burnt Journal.
  • Chapter 10: Talk to Nivernais, and obtain: Greasy Journal.
  • Chapter 16: Let Pauline or Desaix stand on the red tree fruits in the lower right corner, and obtain: Soaked Journal.
  • Chapter 18: stand in front of the door of the house, which located in the leftmost of the three houses, and obtain: Broken Journal.

The order of the journals may be different. Collecting 4 journals is a condition for touching off the Salon quest: The Story of the Maid, Chapter III.

Treasure of the Scholar

  • Complete the Salon Achievement “Treasure of the Scholar”.

Discover all secrets of the scholar.

  • Chapter 11: Search the candlestick which in the left-bottom, and stand the window closely which appearing a ghost, and obtain: Treasure of the Ghost.
  • Chapter 17: Search the left bottom tomb, and obtain: Treasure of the Traveler.
  • Chapter 22: At the top side, a snow drift which between two grasses over there, stand on it, and obtain: Treasure of Ice.
  • Chapter 24: a skull lay on the corner which Leclerc stand there, search it, and obtain: Treasure of the Prisoner.
  • Chapter 25: at the tenth turn, the fire air balloon discover a secret place which hidden a treasure, stand on it, and obtain: Treasure of Paris.

Mirabeau’s Story

  • Complete the Salon Achievement “Mirabeau’s Story”.
  • Complete the quest: “Story of the Maid, Chapter Three”.

The trigger condition of “Story of the Maid” are:

  • Story of the Maid, Chapter I: Automatically Open.
  • Story of the Maid, Chapter II: Complete The Story of Maid, Chapter I, the Malmison’s Reputation reach Level 2 before Chapter XII, and talk to Nivernais in Chapter X .
  • Story of the Maid, Chapter III: Complete The Story of the Maid, Chapter II, the Malmison’s Reputation reach Level 3, and collect 4 Journals.

The Story of the Maid requires the player to plan a route, skillfully use the skill “rest”, and wipe out all enemies in a very extreme round. In all Quests, play a role named The Maid of Orléans, by using Pauline appearance. Still, we prefer to use “Pauline” name.

Story of the Maid, Chapter I

An Elite English Remnant is in the battlefield, that using the healing ability by defeating enemies is very important.

Simple, follow the steps, fight against them, and defeat each enemies one per turn.

Story of the Maid, Chapter II

More Elite English Remnants in the battlefield, keep our allies on a healthy state, by using the healing ability after defeating enemies. As the steps shown, defeat the 4 English Remnant in the bottom.

It should be noted that in the third turn, the French Remnant firstly defeat a English Remnant, and then Pauline operated, using two trees to block the French Remnant because of lower health, so that the English Remnant could only attack Pauline. Next turn, Pauline defeat that English Remnant.

Clear the remaining English Remnants.

Story of the Maid, Chapter III

All our allies are wounded, and plenty of threaten Elite English Remnants in the battlefield. Fight against them ,but prevent dying by using the healing ability after defeating enemies.

Behind Pauline, the Elite English Remnant with horrible 15 HP, will pursuit her in the following turn. Don’t worry about it and move forward at first.

As shown in the figure, command Pauline, and the bottom ally French Remnant, we give the nickname Bottom, defeat the English Remnants in the first turn. The left ally French Remnant, we give the nickname Left, wait on the ground.

In the second turn, Pauline releases the wounded Left by defeating the English Remnant. Next, make the ally move straight.

The Bottom defeat 2 enemies by following the steps, which can heal the Bottom in a full state.

In the third turn, Pauline move straight and wait, the Left defeat an English Remnant on the right.

Pauline defeat the next 2 enemies by following steps.

On the other hand, Bottom fight against the 15 HP Elite English Remnant.

The Left go down and wait. In the next turn, it can defeat the bottom English Remnant.

It is required to pass within 6 turns, so there is actually one more turn to come out.

Statistics & Challenges Achievements

Star of Paris

  • Complete the Salon Achievement “Star of Paris”.

Relationship with all factions reach Level 3.

In addition to the fixed Reputation, the rest can be earned according to the following table.

In v1.3.3 and later versions, Reputation of all factions on both difficulty levels can reach Level 4.

Les Riches

  • Complete the Salon Achievement “Les Riches”.

Spend a total amount of 30,000 in the stores.

You will reach this sum in about Chapters 20 to 25. On the other hand, you can unlock the achievement with S/L method (Save game→Buy things→receive the achievement reward→unlock the achievement→Load game).


  • Complete the Salon Achievement “Valorous”.

Defeat the enemies of the Leader Family 2 times.

The brothers Leader One and Leader Two will appear on the battlefield of free combat as shown above, with rank of 27.

Taking Free Combat: Offense as an example, the conditions for the emergence of Leader Two are:

  1. Complete Free Combat: Offense, Free Combat: Offense ★, Free Combat: Offense ★★ at least once each.
  2. Complete one of three offenses at least three times.

Notice: Joséphine will give the information about the Leader Family when entering the Malmaisons Quests.

After the conditions are met, the next time you speak to Josephine in Sharon, she will remind you that “Weird troops have appeared in the free combat recently.”

Free combat-defense: Similarly, after completing condition 1, before destroying the Leader brothers, they will appear every three offenses / defenses.

Destroy both of them to unlock achievement.

Battle Tested

  • Any Character reaches Level 30.

If you do not deliberately increase the level, you will most likely have several powerful characters reach level 28 before Chapter 28. In Chapter 28, there will be infinite heroic attacks due to the plot. After several more attacks to accumulate experience, it’s easy to reach level 30 in the final chapter.

Road of Thorns

  • Complete the Salon Achievement “Road of Thorns”.

Receive 20 Commendations by completing challenges.

In the course of the game, there are many chapters will appear “challenge goals”, plus a total of 24 . Finish 20 of them to unlock achievement.

It should be noted that, because the task rewards need to be collected in the salon to unlock achievements, and the game will end directly after the final chapter, so 20 of the 23 challenge goals must be completed before the final chapter.

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