TEKKEN 7 – Sergei Dragunov

Useful T7 Info:

Sergei Dragunov

Difficulty – Medium

Dragunov is a pretty relentless character in T7 in terms of pressure tools. He has the best approach tools of any character with his WR2, a hugely + on block mid that CH launches. It can be scary to approach Dragunov as it is a very flexible tool in terms of rushdown + keepout, it forces the opponent to really choose their moments to go in. This allows him to be constantly in your face while chipping away at you with effective low and mid pokes. He has access to a low launcher which is very hard to see and this goes hand in hand with his strong approach. Outside of his WR2, Dragunov has some very strong mids to use upclose for keeping + frames on the opponent and keeping them in check. Drag is deadly vs the wall as you cannot backdash his lows and + on block mids and punish your mistakes hard with fast splats. He also has one of the best WS punishment of any character in terms of damage and early wallsplat punishers, and his standing punishment, while not as strong, is still above average. To complement his block punishment, Drag has strong whiff punishment as well with various moves. He doesn’t have any obvious flaws other than no hopkick but he has a lesser replacement for it which can do the job. Due to his taller stature, most of his mids have a “highish” hitbox so certain moves and stances can go under them.


  • Best approach of any character.
  • Top 3 WS punishment.
  • Strong wall carry.
  • Powerful wall game.
  • Amazing poking game.
  • One of the best pressure characters.
  • Huge comeback potential.
  • Strong whiff punishment.


  • No hopkick.
  • Slow CH launchers.
  • High hitboxes on some of his mids meaning they can be crushed easier.

Recommended for players who like:

  • Simple and strong characters.
  • Punishing mistakes heavily.
  • Relentless rushdown.

Written by Fergus!

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